Hey Bombshells!

Today I decided to take a look at consummate arm candy and budding fashionista…

Kanye West Amber Rose

Amber Rose!

Say what you want about her short haircut, questionable past, or around the way girl swagger, this future model has been making her fashionable rounds, wearing some of the best pieces–period. Let’s take a look!

When Ms. Rose drops in to fashion shows with style connoisseur Kanye, she makes her mark in coordinated spandex outfits that pop in pink, red, or skin skimming black…

Kanye West Amber Rose


Amber Rose Kanye West

…almost always topped off with a sick pair of shades and clutch.

For red carpet events, she trades in the pants, favoring dresses with long or short hems, finished off with a bright lip and Blue Steel stare:



When she’s out of the spotlight Amber lets it all hang out, going for comfort in her traditional spandex or opting for a pair of easy shorts:


Wherever she goes, she always stands out–perfect for an outstanding up and coming style star.

Want her look?

Get her glasses game with these charmers:

Get the best of the rest with these:

*Want her Chanel Shades? Get a look-a-like here.

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