For yesterday’s shows, I tried a menswear look, which is so not like me if you’ve ever paid attention to my style!
claire sulmers theory leather sleeve blazer kenzo patent leather shoes
I love a good skirt or dress, but opted for a Theory skort suit in khaki green, topped off by Kenzo patent ‘Aladin’ loafers for day 3.
2 claire sulmers theory leather sleeve blazer kenzo patent leather shoes
It’s been cool and rainy here in Paris, so I brought along an umbrella in case of a torrential downpour, and stored a few essentials in a Cashhimi clutch.
2 3 2 claire sulmers theory leather sleeve blazer kenzo patent leather shoes

Then I was off to blog it up a bit before my next engagement.
What do you think?
Images by Julien Boudet

39 thoughts on “Style Diary: Paris Men’s Spring 2014 Fashion Week Day 2”

  1. Please help me ! do you know the name brand of the crop top with aztec prints Beyoncé wore in her rencent tumblr pic ?

  2. Your legs!!!!!! <3 I wish you showed us your skort tho. We only get a small glimpse of it. Love the blazer!

  3. The loafers are love btw. And your roots are always PERFECT! Do you touchup weekly?

  4. Claire, I usually love your site BUT…

    What has been going on lately with all of the visitors that trash some of your posts? Some posts receive negative/derogotory comments that are not relative to their clothing and it’s very disturbing. I have never noticed that before and it’s turning your site into an unprofessional looking mess. I’m noticing it more and more and I’m sure you and your bloggers have as well. Please take heed to this because it looks very unprofessional. I have always thought your site maintained quality and professionalism. Let me know your thoughts.

  5. Love the look, I think if you wore a bright lipstick the outfit would’ve been awesome

  6. You are really looking dynamite! Although with that fab hair, I would have loved a little something something on the lip. By the way, the loafers are right up my alley.

  7. I like the outfit, it’s a really nice change but we need deets on you hair regiment and how you maintain the color so well?

  8. Claire, I love this look. Especially those Kenzo loafers!!!….. @kendall although I agree with you, I do suspect that it may be kind of hard to patrol every comment that is made on every post. Ppl will find a way to make negative/derogatory comments regardless. I still think the site is professional and classy.

  9. Claire, can you please do me a favor and never ever cover your legs ever again…I love your spin on mens wear

  10. Serving the girls toned realness with a side dish of blonde afro coco chanel androgyny #SNATCHED and #SCALPED

    WERK BISH!!!

  11. I like the pieces separately but just not together. Your legs are hot but definitely agree you should have had some color on your lips && a nice black bootie would have slayed.

  12. Claire I LOVE the suit, but have to say no to the shoes! This outfit screams for knee high black leather boots or knee high gladiator snadals!

  13. You always dress so well! Crisp, Clean and Classy. Being a big flat shoe/loafers fan, I’m in love with your shoes!

  14. I don’t like this outfit at all. Nice to see you in flat shoes though. I like the light natural lip.

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