Ready for one of my last style diaries for NYFW?

I’ll admit that my silhouettes and hemlines have been on the saucy side this Fashion Week, so for day 5, I decided to reign it in with a more demure knee length kelly green A-line number by Prabal Gurung (courtesy of Rent the Runway).

I was going for an editor/Jackie O type vibe, so kept everything simple, accessorizing with Kate Spade Gumdrop studs, my Prada sunglasses, and my Givenchy bag (I dunno if you can tell, but I get a lot of use out of my investment pieces).

I added interest with my new babies: a pair of Valentino zebra haircalf shoes with a reasonable kitten heel.

Then I was off to attend a whopping 5 shows.

I have three shows today, then I’m off to London on Friday!

At any rate, the somewhat long, demure silhouettes is clearly not one of my go-tos, but I think it worked.
What do you think?

Photos by Marta McAdams

34 thoughts on “Style Diary: Mercedes Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week Day 5”

  1. Super cute Claire. Love the dress and those earrings are adorable. What a life a blog has created. Go girl!

  2. Claire I love this look minus the shoes! A taller heel will elongate your legs anything less than 3 inches make any lady’s gut stick out and her legs look like tree trunks! Plus that pointed toe is not cute.

  3. @Khadijah No, it’s YSL Pourpre Divin. It is divine!
    Haven’t had much time to respond, but thanks for the comments, good or bad.
    I didn’t know, but Valentino makes the shoe with a higher heel! Would have bought those. Sad. At least the kitten is more comfy.
    At any rate, thanks for reading guys, that alone is enough. xoxo

  4. Of all your style diaries, this one looks the most like YOU. You look super relaxed and comfortable. The color compliments you, the dress is super flattering and it looks EFFORTLESS, which is so important to great style. Simple and chic works so well for you. Well done, hun!

  5. A-line fits your body nicely. A statement necklace may have been nice with this dress since the neckline is so high. Love the color.

  6. That’s a hot dress! Though I’m not typically a kitten heel fan, (I even went in on a FBD post a few months back) I do really love them in the Valentino variety. They are especially chic with skinnys. I can’t say how much I LIVE for your braids enough. They look great on you!

  7. I likie! The shoes I would never have chosen but that’s what makes stylish to me. It’s your style interpretation and I’m digging it! SN: I looove how u dress for ur body type! You make a fellow size 12 sister proud!

  8. You look freakin’ amazing, this silhouette works for you and what a statement to braid your locs; mine are too big to achieve that look.

  9. I think I wanna try those braids! I have locs too and had NO idea this can be done!! Claire you look amazing! So beautiful and effortless! I wanna be like you when I grow up (Im 29, not too late right? lol)

  10. I’m trying to figure out how you got that rent the runway dress to fit like it was tailored just for you. It’s why I’ve shied away from getting anything from that site. That dress fits you like a glove tho. I might be persuaded to give it a whirl after I drop this baby in January.
    And you are dew-in it with those braids.

  11. Claire, are you opposed to v-necklines? Just asking. I thought the Helmut Lang tank you wore the other day was quite flattering on you. I’m not a fan of the neckline on this dress on you!

    BUT you still look fabulous and very chic. And your braids are just… ugh, I love them. :D

  12. not trying to be all nosy, but did bloggers receive those shoes as a gift because i see other bloggers all wearing them around the same time.

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