There’s nothing I love more than a pencil skirt and a blazer, so I threw on an RVCA Cult Logic Jacket in Black and a colorblocked Kylie skirt by Motel to attend my roster of shows yesterday, which included Lela Rose, Tracy Reese, and Y-3.

Walking is not a game in these mean streets, so wedges were my heels of choice. I pulled on a pair of chic Coraline shoes by Messeca and they were actually quite comfy.

I placed my Iphone, keys, and wallet into a compact geometric shaped Mara Hari handbag

Threw on my K20 by Karen Ko silver spiked necklace and Melody Ehsani four finger ring….

And was good to go!

Before I left, I ran into intern Jihan who has been doing a fabulous job covering fashion week for the Bomb (hasn’t she?).

I told her to work it for the camera, and work she did:

She is hilarious.
At any rate, there you have it, my look for Day 3 of Fashion Week.

What do you think?
Photos by Marta McAdams

Outfit Info: RVCA Cult Logic Jacket in Black, Kylie skirt by Motel, Coraline shoes by Messeca, Mara Hari handbag, all courtesy of Necklace, K20 by Karen Ko. Ring, Melody Ehsani. Ipad case, American Apparel.

*Shout out to all the readers who come up and said hey!

65 thoughts on “Style Diary: Mercedes Benz Spring 2012 Fashion Week Day 3”

  1. Yea…your legs are RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous. Makes me wanna hit the track right now!! You look fab. The skirt just emphasizes the hotness.

  2. Cute. Love the skirt! I may have to get it. A shorter blazer would have showed it off better though and a colored shoe, but you still worked it out. Are you carrying a clutch and a purse or is that your Ipad carrier?

  3. Love the skirt, it is so gorge! I do own those Messeca wedges and mine have been worn to death,that’s how comfy they are. Great look!

  4. CLAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am over those legs!!! of yours whats your secret … Illuminati .. I kid. loll … You betta go on head Girl-fren!!!

  5. Jihan could take her look a lot further with a tinted moisturizer, some color on her lips and maybe putting her hair in a bun. She looks kinda frazzled in those pics.

  6. Love everything (except the shoes..sorry Claire). But, like everyone else mentioned…you have great legs!!

  7. Looking FAB Claire. Snaps in z-formation. Snap, snap, snap. What I want you to divulge is your work out routine. Dem legs is killing ’em.

  8. i agree with you about brittany especially in that first pic of her from the side. yes that hair should have been up i n a bun.

  9. OMG Claire! Your legs. Again, why do you torture me? I need to hit the gym ASAP. That skirt is fire! Seriously and the shoes too.

  10. I LOOOOOOVE your look! Your legs are a motivation to keep up with my spin classes! That skirt is uber fab!

  11. I’m sorry but are ppl trying to play nice. I am going to be honest here and say Claire looks fantastic! But I can’t say the same for Jihan your outfit is kind of sloppy. I think you are doing an extraordinary job at FBD!

  12. Claire I am loving EVERYTHING about this look. Especially the MOTEL skirt,Coraline shoes by Messeca and the sliver spiked necklace (Is there a chance you can do a post to show spike necklaces, As I am looking for a stand out piece!!! Thanks in Advance!!

  13. I love the legs, the bag THE BAG THE BAAAAAG, your jewellery your hair YOUR HAIRRR and omg i’m in love with that girl in the last picture… She’s gorgeous! (Do I sound crazy today?)

  14. Those legs should come with the skirt….* wow* Can u find some look a like skirts with similar patterns? I went to the site, only smalls:( Thanks…

  15. The intern needs to go natural, your hair looks like it’s crying for a break from whatever you’re doing to it. start over..let go of the perms. My hair use to look like that ..sort of …and i just chopped it all off and never looked back.

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