Ready for one of my last Style Diaries?
I sure am. I much prefer to hide behind my computer screen, but it’s always fun to give you a quick glimpse into my life before I recede into the shadows;)
For Day 6, I went back to patterns, slipping on a printed Dries van Noten dress and Pierre Hardy boots.
claire sulmers dries van noten dress pierre hardy shoes nyfw mbfw street style fashion new york
I fell in love with the Pierre Hardy joints once I saw Naomie Harris in them. The minute they fell into affordable territory, I snapped ’em up!

claire sulmers pierre hardy lace up boots naomie harris skyfall premiere fashion bomb daily


It’s still very much winter, so I slipped on my standby coat. Do you think it works here?

claire sulmers dries van noten pierre hardy shoe boots lace up naomie harris skyfall premiere madrid nyfw mbfw new york street style

After taking a few snaps, it was on to the next show.
claire sulmers prada sunglasses givenchy nightingale pierre hardy naomie harris skyfall booties lace up boots

What do you think?
claire sulmers dries van noten dress pierre hardy lace up boots naomie harris skyfall premiere fashion style fashion bomb daily
Photos by Marta McAdams

37 thoughts on “Style Diary: Mercedes Benz Fall 2013 Fashion Week Day 6”

  1. @Kitty B I know! It wasn’t so cold yesterday…48. But um, I put my coat on with the quickness after taking those pix.
    @Sun.Kissed Will take note. Might repeat this in Europe with the J.Crew coat.
    Thx y’all!

  2. Agree with sunkissed. With the dress and shoes already saying so much the coat kinda threw things off.

  3. I wish you wore more hemlines that are that length. Those minis don’t look very appropriate to me. Anyhow, I really like this overall look.

  4. like the dress, not cray for the heels. they remind me of those high-heeled sneakers from way back. and yes, i had a pair. womp. ;-/

  5. Shoes are gorgeous! I wanted to raid your home when I saw you post them on Instagram, lol. Great look, but could’ve done without the coat (and slipped on a simpler one).

  6. Gimme that coat! && those shoes!! The coat didn’t work with the dress for me but you still looked fab!

  7. I’ll take that coat and ALL your heels from this week Claire lol I’ve been stalking the Valentino rockstuds for a while now smh. Anywho-pleease do more Style Diary posts they are seriously my favorite….I really enjoyed this wk :)

  8. You look great Claire….they shoes kinda remind me of a Donald J. Pliner kinda shoe….not feeling the coat, reminds me of a bearded Bengal Tiger- jmo….

  9. claire, you look fab. you are a member of the platinum club now so you have to be a bit edgy and risky most of the time…I like all the pieces

  10. You are so beautiful and on point! love the shoes and dress together! It takes the seriousness out of both pieces. And yes.. Sun kissed was right.. We’ll just assume you’re wearing that coat when the camera stops bc it’s cold but we don’t need to see it again.. Lol. Now YOU KNOW how we fashionistas are. We like sisters. ;)

  11. you have great style! you pulled this look off effortlessly….from the latest looks that i’ve seen, you need to be in front of the camera more often. i’m a fan <3

  12. Claire, I’ am going to need you to leave your house key because I want to shop your closet!…lol maybe you should do a feature one day of your closet and prized pieces because your style is more interesting then a lot of these celebs now.

  13. posted by yusufswifee
    February 13, 2013 3:19 pm

    claire, you look fab. you are a member of the platinum club now so you have to be a bit edgy and risky most of the time…I like all the pieces


    Deserves a repeat!

  14. I like the coat, but not with that dress. I agree the simpler style of the J. Crew coat would work better. Love the shoes. Your Style Diary and Black History posts are the best.

  15. lol @ the comments. I actually do love the shoes, but not with that dress. And that coat has no business being in these photos

  16. I’m ****LOVING**** the shoe-dress combo. (Those shoes are everything!!!!!!) I love how chic yet daring they are together, which is a tough balance to strike. The fur coat and shades put it a bit over the top for me, though. Still a fan, though, and I have been for many years!

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