Hey Y’all!
So most of my days go like this: blog like a bum from 8 am til 3ish, gym it up, then hit the town for press events. Yesterday I had a lot on my plate, including a Spring 2013 Press Preview for Mango, an H&M x Margiela pre-shopping event (I didn’t get anything), and a fundraising meeting for my alma mater, so I opted for comfort in an on trend Baroque Rose Print Scarf Neoprene Dress by Clover Canyon:

It may look familiar, as I included it in our Style Inspiration titled Baroque Flair and Ornate Embellishments. Yes, I’m frequently ‘inspired’ by most things I blog about! Though I paired the dress with Nicholas Kirkwood Metallic floral-embroidered mesh sandals in the Style Inspiration, I decided to let the dress play centerstage for my day on the town, so only wore a Via Spiga cape for warmth (last seen here) and House of Harlow velvet gold button platform booties (last seen here):

I hope you enjoyed my time with the braids. They’re coming out immediately (it’s a pain to work out with them, they’re heavy, etc.)! For one of my last forays, I opted for a braid bun, and accessorized with gold hoops and spiked bracelets from Urban Outfitters:

Then it was off to a Mango Press Preview at Factory PR:

I saw what was on tap for Spring for the brand, took some pix for Instagram, and tried out a few of their delectable accessories.

I want those mirrored sunglasses!
At any rate, there’s a quick peek into a typical day in my life:

Back to hiding behind my computer…

What do you think?

Photos by Marta McAdams.

78 thoughts on “Style Diary: Baroque and Velvet Accents”

  1. Claire, you look fantastic as usual; the dress is gorge, it fits your body well… and love the bun.

    FYI – You actually inspired me to get my hair braided, something I hadn’t done in a long time, because I so admired yours.

  2. Yes Claire! This is what I’ve been waiting for. Your body is hot girl. I love the bun. Hope you were warm, as it was pretty breezy out there yesterday.

  3. You look great Claire! I enjoyed this feature, as well. It’s always interesting to hear more about your comings and goings. Your success is definitely inspiring for me personally, and most likely for anyone trying to build their own career, rather than let an industry shape it for you.

  4. You look amazing Claire.I fully understand you with the braids.I rocked that similar style 2yrs ago and girl it was so heavy.I decided to have them put in and did it very small so maybe you should try out a different sizing.

  5. Claire, you are the absolute business. Love your style and commitment to keeping us fashionably informed.

  6. claire you look amazing best outfit you have ever worn…

    if u shade in your brows a little more it will add definition to your face whenever you wear a bright lip.

  7. Clairrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee hunnnyyyy you are working that dress absoultely beautiful!!! And That bodyyyy can we say inspiration!!

  8. YOU ARE STUNNING. Body on deck!! So inspiring– and I just took my braids out too! SO hard working out with them lol! But I love them on you!

  9. i feel your pain although you looked fab. i have locs and i decided to try the braids also and boy must i say its been a challange. coming out after christmas

  10. Thanks for allowing us to peek into your life :-) You are truly an inspiration to individuals like myself who desire to turn their passion for fashion into a career.

  11. Thx dolls! @Aliana thanks for the tip. I was shading in my brows for like a month, but then broke the powder and gave up. And yes y’all, the braids are going, but I’m going to replace ’em with something better! Stay tuned. X

  12. WERK!!!! I am here for this look. Tatas lifted, waist snatched…legs and face popping. You look wonderful. Back to the gym I go…

    dets on your lippie, please.

  13. I’m seriously with Anon (NOVEMBER 15, 2012 12:43 PM): CLAIRE, what is your workout routine? Your calves have got work put IN!

    Hopefully you’ll consider doing a gym/fashion related post. I mean the sporty look is trending now, right?! Pretty please and s’il vous plait! Thanks in advance

  14. Hate the boots with that outfit but everything else is fab. This may be the only time I have liked your braids. The style looks good

  15. Claire you should NEVER hide behind your computer, chica you better get up from that desk and strut!

  16. This is by far the best I personally think you’ve looked in your style diary. From head to toe you looked AMAZING! I hope you got those aviators because you looked so fabulous. -Cheers

  17. what is your ab routine and diet —- I’m almost there with ya, but wondering what you do to maintain the flatness ?

  18. Loved getting a peak into your life! You look great – the photos speak volumes of how your look has evolved. Did you get rid of your dreads? Also, are your fashions on loan or do you have to purchase everything? Thanks!

  19. Cute look Claire. I have the exact CC dress. I will admit, I like your pairing a bit better than mine. Lol! Love the way it shows off your curves. Two snaps all around Missy!

  20. I can’t wait to see the Fashion Bomb staff in their holiday best. Please tell me that post is coming. The last one we saw was in the summer…

  21. @Azizmom My dreads are still under there; fingers crossed they don’t all snap off when I remove the braids! And I buy all my clothes. I should put a lot of stuff on Ebay; maybe that’ll be a New Years project! I like to hold onto stuff, and I do wear it more than once (the cape and shoes are repeats). I also have three younger sisters, so I give a lot of stuff to them.
    Thanks erebody, more to come, including (hopefully) a staff holiday shoot!

  22. Claire!!! Fierce, has to be the most fav look of you I have come across, i would replicate it from head to toe in a heartbeat, make- up n all, love it!

  23. Hi Claire,
    If you don’t mind me asking, what size is the dress you wearing.
    Been looking at Clover Canyon dresses for a while but was wondering if they true to size.
    You look beautiful!

  24. @Elizabeth Don’t mind! It’s a large. Fits like a glove.
    And someone else asked about my lipstick; It’s YSL’s Pourpre Divin.

  25. You look so beautiful, Claire! (C: Hope you are doing well, will touch base soon, my belle!

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