“Brown Skin Lady…where ya goin?/Brown Skin Lady…what you doin? Brown Skin Lady…how do you feel?/…Now everybody on the avenue I know/When they see her, say, there she is.”–Mos Def and Talib Kweli, “Brown Skin Lady.”

So I was riding the train the other day and caught sight of a young lady who was fashionable in an understated, unconventional way. I had to take a picture:


She’s not wearing the latest trends, but something about her screams ‘style’! Her red bag, shoes, and lipstick match without being overwhelming…and I love her dark aviators specs and head wrap (I’m gonna have to master the ‘head wrap’ steeze this summer for those bad hair days!).
Her wardrobe choices show that one can be stylish without being overdone. Just choose a few cool accessories, throw on some bright lipstick, and you’re set!
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