Fashion no doubt changes consistently and keeping up might prove a challenge for you. Even so, with a few wardrobe staples, you can effortlessly and inexpensively look fashionable and keep up with trends. One fashion trend that is currently popular is the street style. Its origins have been traced to British fashion culture.

The street style includes elements that differ and still intersect with mainstream fashion styles. The look is primarily focused on individualism rather than the outdoors. The current fashion market does not play such a significant role in it. To guarantee you can effortlessly put together a street style look, here are a few things to include in your shopping.

Silk Scarves

Whether it is a handkerchief-style or long skinny scarf, this acts as the accessory for your street style look. You can tie the scarf on your hair, around your neck or use it in place of bangles . The scarves thankfully take minimal space in your wardrobe and come in different colors that will match several outfits. You can also get scarves that will showcase your personality or match your work environment.

Monochromatic-Colored Base Clothing

In street style fashion, you should pick one solid color for your main clothing item and get matching neutrals for it. Do not deviate too far from the primary color when choosing your matching pieces since it might leave you with an outfit that looks too busy. Get the right monochromatic colors for dresses, trousers and shirts. With these, you can create a range of different street style looks without spending so much.


Footwear is still an essential element of street style fashion. For your wardrobe, include mules to match your look. These have a sleek and polished look that means they can be worn to the office and elegant functions and are still as comfortable as sneakers. The mules are backless meaning you need not worry about tying shoelaces now and again.

Oversized Shoulder Pad Jackets

The broad shoulder jacket was a staple of the 80s fashion but is fast making a comeback as part of the street style. The shoulders, in this case, will create an illusion of a tiny waist. An oversized shoulder pad jacket will work for your office wear, when running errands and even for a brunch meetup. You can pair it with boyfriend jeans, a slinky skirt or a pair of cigarette trousers.

Body Harness

This is a frisky clothing accessory that now makes a part of the street style fashion. It is an ideal choice when you want to tie your outfit together while still looking stylish. The body harness can be worn over a fitted shirt in neutral or bold colors. When stocking your wardrobe for a street style look, include chain, feather and leather harnesses to have a broad range of options for different looks.

Colored Lens Sunglasses

All things retro are now becoming quite fashionable. This is also true in interior articles for home décor with the currently trending wall art centred around historical subjects. For your street style look, stock up pink or pastel sunglasses. These are cute, feminine and edgy and will protect your eyes irrespective of the season while adding color to outfits.

Fluorescent Turtlenecks

Fluorescent is the most popular option for street style in winter. You can opt for green, pink or yellow for your turtleneck for a fresh and zesty addition to your look. The turtleneck works exceptionally well with the typical dark ensembles of winter fashion. This is primarily because it adds some color to look created by muted tones.

Multi-Belt Bags

Waist accessories have moved past the typical belts of yesteryears. To pull together an exceptional street style look, you can settle for multi-belt bags to clinch your waist while keeping all your items secured. You can style the bag by pairing it with jeans, a faux fur coat, dress or blazer. The multi-belt bag works well for those who want to look stylish while keeping their hand free.

Crossbody Bags

If you are not so intent on a multi-belt bag, accessorize your look with a short crossbody bag. This is a chest-wrapping handbag that will leave your hand free. It also negates the hassle of changing your tote from one shoulder to the other. Though smaller compared to typical handbags, crossbody bags can comfortably accommodate all essentials you need for your day.

The Street style fashion trend shows no signs of slowing down in popularity anytime soon. With the above pieces for your wardrobe, you are sure to rock this style in the best possible way.