Who doesn’t love this time of year? Spring is bursting with color and positivity and is full of inspiration. It is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with some fresh, eye-catching style and spring-inspired colors.

Below we look at some of our favorite spring style options that are perfect for pepping up your look as you spring into the season.

Colorful Crossover Wraps

The Merino Aran Cable Crossover Wrap With Buttons is a wonderfully versatile option for spring. This unique knit features the popular Aran Cable Stitch running horizontally across the back and overlapping elegantly across the front. Four natural colored buttons on either side secure the wrap for a flexible, snug fit.  Giving you just the right amount of warmth and comfort needed in the cool spring air. 

This unique design is available in five striking spring colors, with bright and neutral options to suit everyone. Choose from sunflower yellow and warm orange or a more subtle gray, white, or wicker. These popular wraps are made in Ireland from 100% pure new soft Merino wool, meaning they are natural, organic, and easy to care for.

Did you know? The winding pattern of the Aran cable stitch is said to represent the ropes of the fishermen of the Aran Islands.

Versatile Women’s Aran Jacket

New this season for your spring wardrobe is the Women’s Aran Jacket With Side Zip. Ideal for layering while looking chic. This stunning piece has a beautiful mix of Aran stitches, including the Honeycomb stitch and Cable stitch. The batwing sleeve feature and high collar give this jacket extra coziness. While the side zip and pockets are both stylish and practical.

Available in two colors, Natural White and Dove Gray, this Aran Jacket will compliment any look and pair well with casual jeans or on-trend spring dresses. When you purchase a Women’s Aran Jacket With Side Zip, you will receive a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity.

Island-inspired Colors

It’s impossible not to be inspired by the colors of spring on the islands. That’s why our women’s Side Button Collar Aran Cardigan comes in three island-inspired colors for you to enjoy. This long-sleeved, sophisticated cardigan is available in Mermaid, a pale green inspired by the wild waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. You can also choose between sumptuous Damson and Midnight blue. Inspired by the colors of the natural hedgerows and the clear star-filled skies above the isles

Made from 100% Merino Wool, an active fiber that reacts to your body’s temperature. Keeping you warm in from cool spring breezes and cool when the spring sun shines bright. For added style, the cardigan has a unique side button feature that is both practical and contemporary.

Men’s Drawcord Collar Aran Sweater

This long-sleeve breathable men’s sweater has a unique textured panel design, featuring some of our most popular diamond and cable patterns. Made with soft merino wool, this is the ideal sweater for getting out and about to enjoy the fresh spring air. Especially thanks to its cozy neck style and drawstring feature.

Available in six popular colors, there is a Drawcord Collar Aran Sweater to suit everyone’s preference. Fans of classic Aran colors will be pleased to hear that this irish sweater is available in neutral shades, including natural white and wicker. For those who prefer a bolder color, there are darker shades, including a dark blue ‘denim’ shade, Army Green, and Derby gray. If you prefer something slightly brighter, the ‘Atlantic’ blue choice is perfect for you.

Stunning Mountain Green

The mountains of Connemara stand proud and strong wherever you see them from on the Aran Islands. Known locally as the Twelve Bens, they are famed for their natural colors. From Inis Mor, the most stunning color of the mountains is the dark mossy green of its grass, foliage, and trees. Breathtaking, no matter how many times you see it.

Inspired by this wonderful green, the Men’s Merino Textured Crew Neck Sweater is a stunning ‘Mountain’ green. Featuring a selection of sleek Aran stitches, the panels on this sweater are a unique, subtle style. The classic crew neck is one of our most popular men’s sweater choices, and the wool choice of 100% Merino Wool means that this sweater is as practical as it is modish.

Whichever spring style you choose, be sure to avail of our free express shipping options and get your voucher worth $20 when you order on AranSweaterMarket.com