Denim jumpsuits are in FULL effect! Some of our favorite fashionistas (including Tamar Braxton, Jennifer Lopez and our own Editor-in-Chic Claire Sulmers) have all managed to pull off this tricky (yet intriguing) trend. So, the Fashion Bomb staff figured it’d be dope to feature a few of our best jumpsuit picks the low-low under $100!


1) Maykool’s Dark Blue Tie Waist Half Sleeve Jumpsuit, $35


Channel your inner 70’s diva with this pick! The tie waist and slim fit also give it a feminine touch. Get yours here!

2) Michael Kors’s Wide Leg Denim Jumpsuit, $88


Wide leg trousers are making a comeback (hey culottes!), lol. So, why not combine denim and a little flare?

3) Free People’s ‘Lou’ Denim Jumpsuit, $97


Cop this little gem for a more relaxed vibe.

4) ASOS Denim Open Back Jumpsuit with V-Neck and Wide Sleeve, $57


Attempting to add a little personality to your denim jumpsuit? Take a cue from ASOS and try incorporating a whimsical accessory and funky heels! Trust me, it’ll work!

5) Missguided’s Lightweight Denim Boiler Suit in Indigo, $65


Or, slip into a pair of metallic sneakers with this Missguided piece! Purchase it here!

6) Target’s Dollhouse Roll Sleeve Drawstring Jumpsuit, $40


Acid washed denim oozes 80’s goodness! If you’re up for making a statement, cop yours now!

7) Urban Outfitter’s Cooperative Harley Denim Halter Jumpsuit, $60


More wide leg bottoms on deck! The halter neck is just another sweet feature. For all my women who were blessed with goodies up top (oh, how I envy ya’ll!), this one’s for you.

8) Zara’s Striped Denim Jumpsuit, $70

Spring-2016-Shopping-10-Jazzy-Denim-Jumpsuits-Under-100-You-Need-Right -Now-9

Zara’s take on this trend involves stripes. And, lots of them!

9) BLANKNYC’s Lace Up Jumpsuit, $98


I loooved the detailing on this jumpsuit! Not bad for $98, eh? Get yours here!

10) ASOS Curve’s Denim Jumpsuit, $81Spring-2016-Shopping-10-Jazzy-Denim-Jumpsuits-Under-100-You-Need-Right-Now-12

Now, I admit – I’m trying to cater more to women of all body types. I understand that everyone may not necessarily be a size 2! So, thanks to ASOS and their amazing ‘Curve’ line, I spotted this BOMB denim jumpsuit. How awesome does it look with black strappy heels?!

Whheeewww!!!! This one was a doozy, lol.

See anything you like? Let us know!

Signing Out — Esmesha

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