Hey bombshells, it’s Adri here with a roundup of the Spring ’09 Couture collections in Paris!


Over the past week, the few designers who continue to offer made-to-wear fashions displayed their goods for the stylish and well-heeled. Couture, which can cost upwards of $20,000 per outfit, is a luxury most can’t afford.


So why do some fashion houses keep doing it? Apart from the fact that several do have loyal couture customers, it also serves as image reinforcement, especially for brand extensions. In plain English: Can’t afford that Givenchy dress you crave? Buy a Givenchy perfume, instead!
OK, let’s get to it!

ELIE SAAB: One of Beyonce’s favorite designers for red carpet wear, Saab sticks to his tried-and-truly feminine silk/chiffon/beaded concoctions. The pastel colors are an obvious nod to spring and, while a bit predictable, there’s no denying the innate elegant prettiness of the pieces.

MARTIN MARGIELA: Margiela showed only ten looks in his couture collection, which made each piece distinct and memorable. I love the nude bodysuit overlaid with sequin applique’s (bottom row, far left), which I can easily see on Rihanna, a self-proclaimed fan of the house.

GIVENCHY: My favorite of the group: thoroughly modern and quietly sexy. The colors are muted but still rich somehow, and the shapes make you want to throw on a pair of heels and head out to a chic cocktail party or front row of a fashion show!

CHRISTIAN DIOR: Theatric and a bit confusing, I can’t muster too much enthusiasm for these overdone pieces. While some of them are gorgeous and works of art more than anything else, the collection as a whole feels like it’s trying a bit too hard. The off-shoulder white gown in the top row is major, though.

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER: The models’s hair is reminiscent of the ’20s but the clothes are almost anything but. Instead, the ’80s ruled, with broad shoulders, cinched waists, and the Gaultier fondness for corsets evident throughout the collection. I liked. Kind of.

CHANEL:Karl Lagerfeld played with a limited color palette (whites, creams, blacks) and a treasure trove of textures, details, and tailoring. It’s a beautiful collection, and exactly what couture ought to be: luxurious, unique, and forward-thinking!

ARMANI PRIVE:The Far East is clearly an influence here, and Giorgio Armani focuses on an Armani signature: the jacket. Although I’m not wild about the pants, the red tassels on the grey shark-skin suit (bottom row, center) give it a perfect pop of color, and the skirt-jacket combos would be my choice if I was a lady who lunched!

What did you guys love?

7 thoughts on “Spring ’09 Couture Collections: Paris”

  1. I don’t think Dior was trying to hard. I think they brought out the true goal of couture, opulence. It’s supposed to be dramatic. Some of the other looks just looked like an upgrade of ready to wear. Perhaps opulence is on hold because a recession is all around us.

  2. i agree with furaha – couture is supposed to make you gasp, and the dior clothes did that. plus the gorgeous colours are perfect for the season – i adore the yellow ensemble.

    overall, the givenchy was my favourite collection though, my broke student self wants that pale yellow one shouldered dress so bad!

  3. Impressed by Dior, Gaultier, Chanel and Armani. True couture extravagance. No mention of the paper headpieces (by Japanese hairstylist Katsuya Kamo) for Chanel? Those were amazing!

  4. Impressed by Dior, Gaultier, Chanel and Armani. True couture extravagance. No mention of the paper headpieces (by Japanese hairstylist Katsuya Kamo) for Chanel? Those were amazing!

  5. i would have to say that the Givenchy collection is my favorite! The shapes and colors are divine.

  6. @ I’m Just Saying…: I wanted to but since we had quite a few collections to highlight, couldn’t for brevity’s sake. Thanks for pointing them out–they were incredible. Apparently, the entire collection was inspired by Lagerfeld’s affinity for paper.

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