So while New York shows are high energy celebrity affairs, Paris shows are low key events primarily attended by American and international editors, buyers, and fashion enthusiasts.

So imagine my surprise when I spied Kanye West and Amber Rose creep into the Hussein Chalayan show yesterday. Actually, I was more juiced to see Amber:


I’ve met Kanye a few times before.

After we snapped our pic, I remarked on her cute Alexander Wang dress (whose design she declined to confirm) and tried to get her on the record/video about anything: How has her life and style changed since Kanye? Does she read any of the gossip blogs? Who is Amber Rose?

Want to know what she answered?

“I don’t give interviews.

I was so disappointed!

It seems they just got here, but I hope she’ll eventually let her guard down. More to come!


Gros bisous!

Thanks Helene!