So while New York shows are high energy celebrity affairs, Paris shows are low key events primarily attended by American and international editors, buyers, and fashion enthusiasts.

So imagine my surprise when I spied Kanye West and Amber Rose creep into the Hussein Chalayan show yesterday. Actually, I was more juiced to see Amber:


I’ve met Kanye a few times before.

After we snapped our pic, I remarked on her cute Alexander Wang dress (whose design she declined to confirm) and tried to get her on the record/video about anything: How has her life and style changed since Kanye? Does she read any of the gossip blogs? Who is Amber Rose?

Want to know what she answered?

“I don’t give interviews.

I was so disappointed!

It seems they just got here, but I hope she’ll eventually let her guard down. More to come!


Gros bisous!

Thanks Helene!

18 thoughts on “Claire’s Life: Amber Rose and Kanye West at Hussein Chalayan”

  1. “I don’t give interviews” Yet she’s posing up all over the place. That confidentiality agreement must contain the line “Sign sealed: Now just smile”. Claire you look great keep the good work.Loving the new format.

  2. Someone obviously thinks she’s WAY more important than she actually is. lol. She won’t last long.

  3. Doesn’t she get that if she gives an interview she might be able to extend her fame just a little more? IDK…she’s not that interesting, give us something to work with!

  4. Oh No she didn’t!!! Well I’m surprised she posed for the picture then. Damn and right before I read this I was actually starting to like her…she’s interesting to watch (fashion wise). But an attitude can change all of that in a heartbeat. What a bitch!

  5. That’s kinda wack that she said that….

    But in fairness to her, she probably was scared of making a fool of herself on camera…. If she said something out-of-pocket or stupid, you ALREADY know that that ish would spread all over the internet like crazy… Here is a radio interview that she did after doing the Ludacris video: – no offense but she sounds really ghetto! So I can’t blame her for pleading the 5th…

    Also, from what I can see, she doesn’t have a natural sense of style… Look at what she was wearing just months ago: – looks like she got a top on the $5 rack at Target…

    Kanye (and or his team) is (obviously) putting her “look” together and she probably wouldn’t know what to say when it comes to fashion or style if you interviewed her anyway. Furthermore, she probably doesn’t know that her dress is Alexander Wang or that the other day she was rocking Alexander McQueen. Right now she is learning, taking things in and chances are, Kanye told her to keep her mouth shut until she knows what she’s talking about… If I were her, I would probably keep quiet too – I mean, who would want to trade Paris Fashion week for being a stripper in South Philly???

    In a few months (if she lasts that long) you may get a different response from her… She’s kinda like his Sara Palin right now and is “in training”…

    But with all of that said, I like her and I like them together (so far) and I wish Kanye the best… (It is great to see him smiling again, considering all that he’s been through)…

    PS – He’s a Gemini and she’s a Libra… that is a match made in Heaven!

  6. Claire, I really admire the way you handled this story with grace and class. I can only imagine how other bloggers would have reported this incident. Another reason why your site IS da BOMB! Keep up the excellent work!

  7. very classy Claire….

    and you’re a true journalist, so of course requesting an interview is a part of your job….she’s just another “celeb”

    i am completely into fashion stand-outs, and i just don’t think ms. rose is one. i don’t think any of her fashion attempts are avant garde. nor do i think her buzz cut is (try demi moore in the 90’s. it’s been done).

    however, i do think she is a bad (meaning dope) woman. however, she’s just not that interesting.

    and i am happy that she is out of those spandex….

  8. Claire, great post! And like the others said, you handled her decline well. I would be scared as I don’t know what if I was in Amber’s situation too! That has got to be strange for her too, she’s probably gotten used to the flashing lights, but someone coming to ask her questions. that would throw anyone off guard, especially if you don’t know too much about fashion. Heck, I’m in fashion and I would still choke up if someone from a fashion blog asked me about a designer I KNEW ABOUT!

  9. LOL!!! I totally agree with the first poster! After listening to the interview, WWW posted, I agree, she doesn’t interview well and I’m sure ‘Ye’s team is putting her together.

  10. Hmm….We have to give Amber time. She hasn’t completed training on how to answer media questions just yet. I mean, she’s practically gone from hood chick to Kanye’s girl overnight. And she probably didn’t know “who” she was wearing and didn’t want to pronounce it wrong.

    BTW, I’m on Team Alexis!!

  11. I’m all for bringin’ Alexis back…Bump Amber and Brooke C.

    But, u kept it classy.

    BTW your coat is fiyah? Who is it?



  13. I’m thinking that she has been told to “stand down and know your role”. She gets to go to fabulous places, wonderful shows, and she basically has access to all the finer things with Kanye. However, she must not go too far. And that being said she knows she better STFU and walk that walk! LOL

  14. This coming from a chick who said in a Smooth magazine interview “The best sex I’ve had is with myself”…all while she had her legs cocked open…I dumped my man’s issue with her in it in the garbage can…



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