So I just received a hot pair of Serfontaine Black Fox Jeans in the mail and I’m already in *love*:

Serfontaine Black Fox Jeans

Made of soft cotton and elastane, the jeans are comfortable yet supremely flattering to any curvy girls’ body. Bonus: The ankle zipper adds a dash of fashion to your typical pair of skinnies. At $198 they’re a bit of a splurge, but I can see myself wearing these all summer…they’re definitely worth the investment! Peep a few styles here:


Contact Kisha Marshall at 212-255-8982 for purchase and buying information.

One thought on “Splurge of the Day: Serfontaine Black Fox Jeans with Zipper”

  1. I love Serfontaine jeans! I got my first pair in New York two years ago, and they are the best! Just like you said…the stretch makes them so comfy and they def hug the curves. Mine have zippers too, but just at the bottom.

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