Rihanna went for super exotic in a skin clinging long sleeved Christopher Kane Gorilla Dress with Miu Miu Cut out Platform Sandals:

Rihanna's Christopher Kane Gorilla Mini Dress

The dress is unique, different…very Rihanna. Unfortunately the price is also very Rihanna at $1,114. Yowza.

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Christopher Kane is a Scottish designer who began his fashion career at Central St Martins. He interned with designers Giles Deacon and Russell Sage before setting up his eponymous label upon graduation. He went on to win Young Designer Of The Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards in 2006 and is a favorite of Kylie Minogue and Kate Moss.

6 thoughts on “Splurge of the Day : Rihanna’s Christopher Kane Gorilla Mini Dress + Miu Miu Cut out Platform Sandals”

  1. Now you see THIS look..this look is fab. I can’t say anything bad. Looking good Rihanna.

  2. No lie..I had bought a tiger dress something like that about 2 summers ago (of course it was not 1,000 plus dollars though). Rihanna is not the only one who has the ability to dress outside the box thnak you very much. She is rockin’ the look from head to toe..I have no problem admitting.

  3. Unabashedly hideous!
    This girl has a lot of confidence. Far too much confidence from the looks of things. No one in their right mind would leave the house looking this stupid. (Unless they didn’t mind due to a blinding sense of confidence.)
    On the other hand, the hairdo reeks of lack of confidence. It says, ‘I am so insignificant so i will overcompensate by making my hair tall so I get noticed. Kid N Play are my idols and copying them makes me feel good and safe.’

  4. Wow dolce. Tell us how you really feel..lol. I like the dress. The only qualm I have is that I wish she would stop the extensive gel use on the sides of her hair. That is not very cute.

  5. She looks great, what is the point of fashion without stepping outside of the box or going agains the grain….FABULOUS LOOK!

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