Upscale Hype has the scoop on Rihanna’s latest splurge, a $3,385 Zagliani Python Puffy Bag:

Rihanna Zagliana Python Puff Bag

She recently rocked the expensive piece to catch a flight to L.A. Does anyone else remember the Real Housewives episode where Sheree purchased this (the bag “Shot full of Botox”)?

At any rate if you want to get down Real Housewife or Rihanna style, find store locations at


2 thoughts on “Splurge of the Day : Rihanna’s Zagliani Python Puffy Bag”

  1. I remember Sheree on the ROA and also recall not to long afterwards her being evicted from her home because she “did not know” that her ex wasn’t paying the mortgage. Foolishness!

  2. That bag definitely caught my eye when I first saw this pic, and I knew I could count on the Fashion Bomb having the scoop on it! (Now I just need to brainstorm on where to get the $3000 to cough up for it.)

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