Cutting edge designer Jeremy Scott recently released his “The Bone” Pliage bag, created for Longchamp Paris:

Longchamp Jeremy Scott Pliage Bag

The bag is the ninth in the series Jeremy has designed for Longchamp, and retails for $224 at Lonchamp stores.

His other bags are veritable collector’s items:

Jeremy Scott LongChamp Pliage

I haven’t gotten one *yet* but might have to start with the Bone Bag. Will you?

4 thoughts on “Splurge of the Day : Jeremy Scott x Longchamp Pliage Tote”

  1. I have a Longchamp too and here in NY everyone uses it as a secondary bag. I paid a little over a hundred at an outlet for my large tote so $224 for the same tote is out of the question. I can walk all over my tote and get the same design…try again Jeremy Scott.

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