Beyoncé is back in New York and definitely back out on the scene! She was spotted with Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams at the Billionaire Boys Club 10th Anniversary party, appropriately dressed in a $160 Billionaire Girls Club Script Chaser Pullover , leather shorts, and black booties.

Splurge-Beyonces-Billionaire-Girls-Club-Pullover-HoodieHer hooded sweatshirt features the BGC Script logo on the front…

Billionaire-Girls-Club-Hoodie-Script-Chaser….And a chaser graphic on the back.



If you’re looking to purchase head here.




What do you think? Would you wear it?


23 thoughts on “Splurge: Beyoncé’s Billionaire Boys Club 10th Anniversary Party Billionaire Girls Club Black and Yellow Script Chaser Pullover”

  1. She is the only woman that can wear that sweater and it be true statement. I read an article which said Beyonce and Jay Z’s income together hit a billion.

  2. I like this look.. Kinda reminded me of a cold night on the beach when u throw a hoody on. Cute!! The wine lip completed the look for me. Hot!

  3. Wearing that hoody was such a good marketing move on her part. I would love to see it as a crewneck though. That would be pretty dope.

  4. Idk pharrell’s starting to show some wear and tear. That face is lookin a lil off. Something about a hoodie reminds me of high school and it can’t be dressed up. Guess this look just isn’t my cup of tea, but B’s face is beat!

  5. No. Giuliana Rancic said it best, Bey should take some fashion advice from her sister.

  6. Not for $160…not for that hoodie…sorry…looks like one of the hoodies you see at Hollister for $34.

  7. Something seems to always be missing with Bey’s looks or outfits. Honestly, if Rih or Solo wore this, I strongly believe that it would be kick a$$, but since Bey is wearing it…meh!

  8. She looks really cute and laid back which are some of her best looks to me.

  9. I had on brown leather shorts yesterday n threw on my brown n lime green hoody last nite..with brown knee high gladiators…so dats my bish…anyhoo she looks just like Solo in the face here

  10. @Keko cosign. she looks like her sister in these pics. Something in DEF different about beyonce’s face here…hmm

  11. I must be blind (even with contacts on) beyonce looks old as hell in these pics! The only young one i see is Pharrell…and I see i need to make another trip to BBC store…

  12. I would wear this but no way would I spend over $25 for this sweatshirt. I’m sure it will sell for that because she wore it.

  13. she looks 12??? In dog years ……..chile plz. She looks every bit of 30 in this pic.

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