Casino attire has been evolving over time. The evolution involves not only the staff dress codes but also customer clothing. 

In the earlier era of casinos, the employees were required to wear full-fledged suits and such official clothing. And while there was no strict dress code for the patrons, at some point they also started showing up in their long evening dresses and tuxedos.

In today’s casino industry, however, the staff dress code became less formal with uniform dress slacks, button-up shirts, vests, and bowties. On the other hand, the casinos started enforcing the patron dress code policies demanding more suits and evening dresses.

If you’re a person of free expression in any aspect of life and don’t really want to adhere to the strict rules of casino attire, you can always opt for the online casino providers such as PlayAmo, which is probably the best online casino Australia out there right now. But, in that case, this article is probably not for you.

In fact, in this article, we’re going to talk about some of the modern looks that you can go for when preparing for the casino ventures.


You may have already guessed it: we’re talking about James Bond. To be more precise, Bond himself and his Bond Girl, also known as ‘The Silver Fox’. This is the look that the majority of casino enthusiasts will choose most of the time. 

Both men and women are dressed up with a classic tuxedo or suit-and-tie and black or red dress with some pearl jewelry. With this classic look, the chances of you enchanting the whole venue and even hitting the jackpot are extremely high!

But jokes aside, the tux and an evening dress is the most common dress code enforced by the casinos. That’s why you’ll be appreciated by the administration even more.

Classic, but not too glamorous

This look is pretty similar to the Bond-style with its classic look. But the similarity only goes for the trousers and button-down shirts for men. Beyond that, they’re not required to overcomplicate their look with vests or ties or suits. 

As for women, they can dress up with a pair of trousers and a fashionable top. Even the heels are not mandatory; if they don’t feel like it, they can always go for the sandals and pair them with the long earrings to finish up the look.

The Flapper-Dapper

The Flapper-Dapper look is a full-on 1930’s look that you might have seen in many old (or modern retro) movies. The look is full of shiny and fluffy apparel.

The men can go for a tuxedo with opera gloves and shiny-shiny shoes. And for the extra touch, they can never go wrong with the Omega pocket watch! The Dapper look also goes well with the flashy money clip with fake (or real) money bills – it leaves an impression that you’re a player of the class.

Women should always opt for the famous feather boas and long or cocktail dresses. The look is complemented with deep blacks and lots of makeup – rich red lipstick with Smokey eyes.

Cozy Mingle

This is probably the best look for those gone-rouge gamblers who don’t really want to adhere to strict dress codes but also long for the actual casino experience.

For this style, men can go for khaki pants or dark jeans with polo shirts and brown loafers. And for women, a casual dress with a denim jacket and playful colors is the way to go.

With this look, you are ready to spin the slot reels as long as you like and then go on casually with the rest of the day.

Casino fashion in the actual fashion

While the dress codes and specific looks are certainly a thing for the casino venues, these looks can also extend to the actual fashion industries. Especially classical elements such as sequins and shiny fabrics.

For example, Moschino, the Italian luxury fashion house, organized a Las Vegas-themed show in 2017 which featured a lot of sequins, pastels, and Betty Boop-inspired attire. 

Even the big fashion names like Michael Kors, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and others get their fashion inspiration from the online slots games like the Golden Era and Immortal Romance.

Gambling and fashion are apparently getting along pretty easily; one would say, even naturally.