Nicki Minaj Complex Magazine

Nicki Minaj Complex Magazine

Nicki Minaj Complex Magazine

Nicki Minaj for Complex Magazine

Get a behind the scenes peek with this video:

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10 thoughts on “Snapshot : Nicki Minaj for Complex Magazine”

  1. Aesthetically speaking she’s beautiful and definite eye candy for the guys. Her fashion choices, like her rapping ‘talent’, leave something to be desired.

  2. Eh, I don’t know. Maybe I need to listen to her music more. I’m not finding her surprising or something I haven’t seen before. This overly sexed Barbie is apparently what the world wants. She’s definitely the buzz right now

  3. Nikki Minaj is the hottest thing out there in terms of female rappers…right now. (and this is coming from the UK)
    Her rap game is on point!!!
    More power to her…shes pretty, has a quirky sense of style and seems fun!

  4. Not really feeling these pics. She fails in the style dept. Cute interview though, she has a personality at least.

  5. nicki minaj is go hard she tha hottest thiing rtite now word. she is tha real bitch!!!!!!!!:)

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