Missy Elliott for Elle Magazine June 2017. Styled by Samira Nasr, Missy wears a Marc Jacobs track jacket and a hat by Stephen Jones for Marc Jacobs on the cover, along with Jennifer Fisher earrings, and a watch and ring from Graff. For Shot #2, Missy wears a Jumpsuit by Versus Versace, a Bucket hat by Stephen Jones for Marc Jacobs,
Sunglasses by Saint Laurent, and Earrings by Lynn Ban.
On the iconic plastic-bag suit in “The Rain”:
“To me, the outfit was a way to mask my shyness behind all the chaos of the look. Although I am shy, I was never afraid to be a provocative woman. The outfit was a symbol of power. I loved the idea of feeling like a hip-hop Michelin woman. I knew I could have on a blow-up suit and still have people talking. It was bold and different. I’ve always seen myself as an innovator and a creative unlike any other.”

On publicity in the Twitter era:
“One thing I won’t do is compromise. I will never do something based on what everybody else is telling me to do. And have to kick myself in the ass every night. Nah. I have to make sure that it’s right. I’ve been through so many stumbling blocks to build a legacy, so I wouldn’t want to do something just to fit in. Because I never fit in. So….”
Missy Elliott for Elle Magazine June 2017
Images: Elle.com


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