Let’s just say she gets it from her mama!

Ming Lee Simmons, the beautiful 18 year old is already notable from being the offspring to supermodel legend Kimora Lee Simmons and music mogul Russell Simmons. But now she is carving her own lane in the fashion industry. Can one honestly be surprised that it’s in modeling with how stunning she looks?! 

Much like her mother Kimora who she’s the spitting image of, her angelic features and hair that makes us shout ‘hair goals,’ constantly leaves in awe. It’s safe to say she is boldly making her presence known with her own sense of style that her peers from Gen-Z can definitely be inspired by. 

For a recent photoshoot shot by photographer Solmaz Saberi, and styling done by Jordan Grossman, Ming gave us a casual look in Sies Marjan and Superga Sneakers that gives you an idea of a pastel daydream and a sweet sherbet treat! Let’s also get into her massive curly ‘fro that was styled by Ricardo Roberts, as well. What’s not to love about this shoot? Comment your thoughts below!  


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