12 thoughts on “Snapshot : Lil Kim Photographed by David LaChapelle”

  1. This is back when Lil Kim looked like a real human being and not a missing member of the Jackson family.

  2. Before all the surgery..when she looked attractive and like a human being. So sad to see her now. I wish she still looked like this Kim.

  3. Wonder how Louis Vuitton feels/felt about this?
    Is this how Marc Jacobs and Lil Kim started their whole friendship?

  4. Hey Lil Kim better watch out LV is suing Rick Ross and XXL Magazine for trademark infringement. LOL

  5. Black folks love to be branded by the white man. SMDH! Its like we don’t think we are worth anything unless we have a white man’s overpriced label strapped to our backs. Did we bring that out of slavery or do we lack the imagination to build our own brand?

  6. this is the sexiest lil kim picture i have ever seen. Didnt know she had such a nice body. I cant stop staring at her.

  7. Amen.
    If only she lived in the south of vietnam.

    You do not truly know a woman until you fight her.

  8. You can find out the reason for this photo at David LaChapelle’s web site. Louis Vuitton will never sue either Lil Kim or David LaChapelle for infringement because the ad was designed for their campaign.

  9. The one and only Queen Bee! this picture is still giving b*tches nightmares

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