10 thoughts on “Snapshot : Amber Rose for Complex Magazine”

  1. I like this chick, she might be going about being “famous” in a way that I would never try. But you can’t front, this female knows what she is doing. Hot Photo Shoot too

  2. I just don’t get what the big deal is about her. I guess a bangin’ stylist and a rapper ‘boyfriend’ can make anybody famous.

  3. i’d like to see her in some clothes. where does the fashion come in? She’s always half naked. I’d like to see her style. Right now i’m still on the fence.

  4. I don’t agree with what she has done in her personal life, but who am I to judge. I think she is gorgeous and can probably make it without Kanye.

  5. I agree with Monique wholeheartedly. I don’t necessarily love things she says in interviews, but, she has this I don’t give a f*** attitude that is soo refreshing! And say what you want, but, she can model her a** off. I’m sorry, but, most ppl. can’t model and look the way she does unless they are trained celebs. Amber Rose is completely homemade. So I have to give props!

    Do you know how hard it is to get in front of camera and look gorgeous and interesting in every pic? Don’t believe me? Start taking pics with ur webcam or digital cam and less than a fourth of the pics will be noteworthy. I should know, I’ve tried it.

  6. Next.
    Models get hundreds of pics taken during a photo shoot. You see one good one. She’s a pretty lady, but show business is one of smoke and mirrors, don’t get lost in the fog.

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