If you look at the styles of some of the most important personalities in the fashion world, you’ll notice that each and every single one of them have a definitive, unique style that withstands trends.
Their signature ‘look’ can be as simple as a hair cut or as extreme as a uniform.
Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue (aka the Fashion Bible)…


…dresses beautifully at all times, but Anna wouldn’t be Anna without her sharp hair cut or large sunglasses.
Her buddy, Andre Leon Talley (Vogue Editor at Large)…
…makes his mark in suits of navy or black, donning sunglasses on occasion. Andre Leon Talley’s signature would be his plush coats and capes. I heard he once had a Balenciaga dress made into a cape for a fashion show.
Karl Lagerfeld, designer extraordinaire, fabled for his collaborations with Choe, Fendi, and Chanel….
…has a look that is so extreme that it’s hard to miss. His ‘uniform’ comprises a white shirt, and a sassified variation upon a traditional suit. Neckwear can be a bowtie, tie, or cravat but his sunglasses and white ponytail remain mainstays.
Patricia Field, costume designer for Sex and the City and most recently for The Devil Wears Prada…

…doesn’t always wear the most fierce of frocks (surprising, huh?). Her only distinguishing detail is her loosely curled mane in firy red. Really, that’s all she needs.

Lastly, Betsey Johnson, fashion designer…

..can make the cutest dresses, but it all goes to poo when it comes to her personal style. But, you can’t say that she’s easy to forget! The thought of her conjures up a very specific image…

Fraggle Rock anyone??
OK, my point: Even the bastions of fashion don’t waste their time (or money) getting the latest, hottest jeans, tops, or ponchos. The ones who set the trends are fierce enough to have one signature style, accessory, or full on uniform. Experiment with sunglasses (a la Elton John):

or new hairstyles/headdresses (a la Erykah Badu):

until you find a comfortable space.

I’d call my style classic preppy chic. I’m preppy during the week and usually wear Lacoste, J.Crew, Collared Shirts, and Argyle!

I also love classics. I can rock a LBD (little black dress) any day:

I like to chic it up using accessories (wide belts, jewelry, shoes).
I’m still looking for a *wow* factor that will help me stand out. Maybe I can cape it up like ALT:)
So what’s your signature look?


PS David Moins, writer for Women’s Wear Daily, has the following quote in his story from today titled, ‘Retailers Hope Cold Warms Up Holiday Sales”: “Around the 17th of December, retailers are going to start marking down in order to stimulate buying, since they haven’t seen the momentum they were anticipating,” says retail analyst Walter Loeb, “Because of the weakness of apparel, the season has not met expectations.” The 17th, you say?


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