You likely haven’t heard of Toronto native Vejas Kruszewski and his eponymous label Vejas, but we don’t doubt that you will much more often in the next two years or so. The twenty year-old designer produces his collections between his homeland of Canada and Italy and showed with the big dogs again in Paris for Fall 2017, after being inspired by some old ceramics and crockery at one of the city’s flea markets.

That pottery influence was on display in bold, abstract printed knits on both men and women. Cap-sleeve, mock neck, banded waist—Kruszewski made sure that you’d not only want to buy into the pattern for the season, but to purchase it in bulk.

The way the brand injected traditionally feminine elements into its otherwise modern designs was intriguing. Ruched empire waists, square necklines, asymmetric hems for a flash of leg, molded busts, and tiered sleeves—they all made sense in the contemporary lineup.

The assortment was small and edited, but outerwear made a big statement. The designs brought Kruszewkski’s self-taught education to life, with a real sense of nonconformity to the traditional fashion rules.

I was most intrigued by the black leather designs—what can I say, I’m a New Yorker—though overall, I’m really looking forward to keeping up with Vejas and seeing what comes next.

What do you think of Vejas’s Fall 2017 collection?