Ty Hunter unveiled his capsule collection in collaboration with Reflex and Six:02 last night at the Bowery Hotel.  The presentation was hosted by Alicia Quarles, who was outfitted in designs from the collection.  As small bites and cocktail circulated the room, we were able to take look, up close and personal, of the vivacious atheleisure line that officially launches today at the SIX:02 store (1460 Broadway).

During the presentation, Alicia and Ty engaged in a Q&A session that gave us deeper insight to the capsule collection.  “Fashion should be fun it shouldn’t be taken too seriously,” he explained.  The importance of loving yourself before you step into your clothes rang loud and clear. Ty recognizes how fashion can affect your self esteem so he made it his duty to create a line that is light and fun; the way fashion should be.

 The obvious question of the night was, what was the inspiration behind this collection? “Each piece in this collection was named after a woman who has inspired me.”  Ty paid homage to women in his life by creating garments that represent them.

The collection is amazing!  The vibrant explosion of color creates a cohesive line of clothing that you want to wear, no matter the occasion.  Shades of blue, yellow orange, pink and green really bring life to each garment. It won’t be hard to find a piece that can be worn beyond grocery store runs and jogs in the park.

The collection also offers more traditional pieces for the woman who strays away from bolder althleisure wear.  If you’re into t-shirts, sports bras and spandex pants, the subtle mix of color and cutouts will appeal to those who seek familiarity in sportswear.

Check out our gallery for the entire lookbook.  This is by far one of the best athleisure collections I’ve seen.  The line is available for sale today at SIX:02 in New York City.    You can meet Ty tonight at 6:02 pm at 1460 Broadway to purchase the limited edition capsule collection!  What do you think?  Are you loving Ty Hunter for Reflex?

XOXO- Marsha B.