Bold. Feminine. Flirty. Floral. These are just a few words to describe Tracy Reese’s latest collection.

If Tracy Reese is anything, she is consistent. One has come to expect simply pretty pieces from the designers, with bright colors and patterns to match her silhouettes. It’s her consistency that has allowed her to be a consistent player in the fashion industry, and keep women like Taraji P. Henson, Camilla Alves, and former First Lady Michelle Obama coming back for more.

Spring 2018’s color palette includes bold fuchsias, celeries, and blues, which play on smart suits, utilitarian trousers, and work ready dresses. The clothes are fashioned for women who are confident in themselves, know what they want, and stick to what works. No need for crazy fads or trends. Simple and pretty is all they need to succeed in the style game.

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