Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-3With the ending of New York Fashion Week, there’s always one show in particular the entire Fashion World looks to: the ending show. Delegated to Marc Jacobs, the ending show is one that pulls all the strings of Fashion Week together, so the stakes become high as does the pressure. Marc Jacobs executed it all with grace.Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-24Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-27The Fall 2016 collection boasted heavy cloaks, glammed-out gowns and coats and sky-high platforms. Equally as intriguing as the clothes were the hair and makeup, reminiscent of 1920’s finger-waves with heavy punk-goth black eyeshadow and lips.Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-46

Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-49Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-20Fashion stars like Lady Gaga made an appearance on the catwalk, appearing in a pussy-bow blouse along with a green floor-hitting coat with fur sleeves and platform boots. Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-33The entire collection circled around dark hues and Gothicism, with pops of color occasionally found in accessories or one statement piece, like pea greens, pale rose pinks and purples. The luxurious, macabre styling featured oversized sweatshirts worn over oversized black pants, spiderwebs, cats and rat motifs on fabric (which some of us may remember, Jacobs has used before).Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-65
Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-14Previous themes and design aesthetics shined through from Jacobs’ previous collections, including spliced sweatshirts and band jackets from Spring 2016, leather floral designs of Resort 2016, and polka dots of Fall 2011. Victorian collars, traditionally-tailored embroidery, and high full-out glam accompanied the looks as they sailed down the runway.Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-51Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-15Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-59

The collection was a standout collection that pushed dresses by volume, coats by fur and glitter, heels that reached epic heights and extreme layering of feathers, leather coats, and striped coats. Clothes were expertly stacked on top of each other, with fabric falling at different angles and lengths to present a jagged appearance while still adding a hint of femininity through color choice.Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-50Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-51Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2016-52With over 60 looks to the collection, the variety was diverse and expanded into the multifaceted mindset of fashion and style, according to Marc Jacobs. Nothing was off the table as Jacobs explored dark dramatization, gothic romanticism, and the art of revamp.

We’ve got the entire show below for all who missed it. So let us know, what did you think of the collection?




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