Hey lovelies,
Adri here, filing my first report from the NYFW scene!
Thursday afternoon I hit up what’s so far been the best show (for me) of the season, model-turned-designer Lois Samuels’ launch of her collection, the Vessel.


The Jamaican-born Lois (above)–who’s modeled for everyone from ESSENCE to Vogue, Banana Republic to Calvin Klein–was inspired by “menswear as well as the uniform” for her Spring 2010 collection.


As Lois told me backstage, “I grew up in a society where having a uniform was so important. I think it gives calm to the chaos, and in a time like this you want to invest in something that’s multi-seasonal, comfortable, sexy, and not the fad–something that’s going to last.”

Indeed, the pieces were well-tailored, timeless, and rife with an understated panache I termed “prefect-chic.” For those of us with ties to the Carribean, especially, the uniform look is very familiar and makes you nostalgic for home!


Aside from the funky edge of the clothes, what I most enjoyed about the show were the models, which reflected the diversity of peoples you find in the West Indies (black, white, Asian, Latino), and just in the world, period. Models of all hues and backgrounds were presented in a gorgeous, inclusive kaleidescope that made you wonder, “Why can’t other designers follow suit?” Hmm…


Aside from chatting up the gracious Lois, I also ran into Stacey McKenzie, model extraordinnaire and a fellow Jamaican compatriot of the designer!

After the Vessel show, I headed uptown to pick up my Zipcar ride and make my way out to Macy’s in the Queens Center Mall, where I was scheduled to cover Anna Wintour’s Fashion’s Night Out event. Unfortunately, I made it about a quarter-mile from the crib before getting into a minor fender bender. Booo!


But as fate would have it, I ended up having a much better FNO than I could have imagined. How many writers can say that their ER doc recognized them right away and turned out to be a die-hard Fashion Bombshell?


That’s me and one of our fabulous readers, Dr. Uché Blackstock, who checked me over and pronounced me fit to return to my NYFW duties. The Fashion Bomb community really takes care of its own. Now that’s truly Hot!


Increasing awareness of a certain product and providing consumers information about it are just two of the tasks promotional models perform.

11 thoughts on “Show Review: Lois Samuels”

  1. That’s fantastic! I didn’t even know that Lois had a collection out so thanks for the heads up.

    I love to see islandistas doing well – and that includes you! I’ve been reading Fashion Bomb for a few weeks now and I didn’t even realise you had a Caribbean connection!

  2. That’s Great. I’m feeling Lois’s line, probably because I swoon for menswear tailored to the hilt to fit women, it’s fun! But I have to say the best part of the story is running into the MD who knew you/ fashionbomb and then her sending you back to carry out your “bomb duties”!!!!!

  3. I love the clothes they’re so crisp and fresh.

    Also is the married to the uber hottie Oraine Barrett?

  4. I love love the tailored look that is going on here. It looks so smart. Although it has been inspired by menswear, Lois has definately captured the feminine side. The fact that she’s a fellow Jamaican, even better. Love it

  5. Her collection made me reminisce about school in the islands and if “islandista” could create their own uniforms they would look like this collection!

  6. I love how all the models are wearing flats! It truly shows that you can wear a flat and be comfortable and still look fabulous!!!
    Loved the post, and I hope your ok!

  7. Wow, this is probably one of my most favorite fashionbomb posts!!! I just love to see my fellow Jamaicans and Caribbean nationals doing great things!!! The collection looks amazing! Kudos Lois!

  8. I just watched a video about Lois and ethnic models on NY times website. Her collection has beautiful, wearable pieces on equally beautiful models. I wish her much sucess. This was a great/funny post and how cool is your Dr.!

  9. I am jealous of all the runners who are running this year and wish them all the best of luck. Im hoping to be standing on that starting line some day in the near future to run in front of the hometown crowd. I most definately will follow everyones progress.

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