Eudon Choi’s Fall 2017 assortment was the ultimate in sophistication. Austrian-Czech architect and minimalism advocate Adolf Loos inspired the designs. One of his most famous quotes? “Be not afraid of being called un-fashionable.” Well, this effort was certainly stylish, but it’s clear Choi wants his woman to be confident and strong.

Suit separates featured voluminous sleeves, glossy gold buttons, double-breasted silhouettes, and cropped trousers. Rises were high-waist and legs were wide. Low-top trainers anchored the looks in peak comfort and functionality.

A puffer was layered over a cropped turtleneck with a button-front shirt and knee-length skirt peeking through, while cozy toppers were languidly thrown over the models’ shoulders—continuing the “why wear our clothes as they were designed” trend that has completely pervaded the industry and street style this season.

The brand hasn’t had too much red carpet traction, but there were certainly enough pieces here that provided the perfect foundation for a red carpet or movie premiere. A LWD with a drop hem and banded neck that connected to its front buttons would be stunning with an orange lip like the one worn on the runway and a forest green, double-breasted duo could absolutely fit into the wardrobe of those menswear-obsessed fashionistas who sport suits at high-fashion events whenever possible.

As a woman who wears trousers daily come Winter, there were so many shapes and variations to choose from here. An olive pair with a pleated back and a chartreuse twosome with a matching knit turtleneck were among my favorites.

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