For Milan, the nostalgia has been palpable. With Donatella beautifully paying homage to her brother, Gianni, twenty years after his passing to Missoni revivng a few of its classic patterns, it would only be fitting for Domenico and Stefano to follow suit. But where other houses relied on archived patterns, Dolce and Gabbana looked to things that reminded them of the essence of old Italia.  Despite that, it seems the house is steadfast in shifting its core demographic to a younger audience, injecting lots of high-voltage accesories and an array of colored and intricately patterned looks into this collection.
Not devoid of any of its quintessential sultry aesthetic, a few black sheer pieces sauntered down the catwalk, amplifying the boudoir feel of this segment. The standout: a tulle dress with a built-in lace up corset.

An onslaught of printed maxi dresses brightened up the runway, emblazoned with wild fauna and lush vegetation. Lemons, carrots, and radishes permeated floor grazing frocks, uplifted by fruity earrings.

 A romantic essence has pervaded the Dolce and Gabbana runways for a while, and this season proved no different. The Queen of Hearts escaped the deck of cards to bring Domenico’s and Stefano’s vision to life, honoring how regal love can make a woman feel.    
Sharply tailored suits offset the overall ultra-feminine mood, in vivid pinks with fuschia piping, stripes and brocade.

All-in-all, this collection was as Dolce as Gabbana could be, gilded crowns, red lips, and a throng of models dressed in black undergarments closed the show.  But beyond the beautiful clothes, the collection felt like the perfect marriage of the old world and the new, echoing the house’s sentiment of finding beauty in its surroundings and finding inspiration from the past to propel the future.For the full collection, spy our gallery above.


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