This season, Diane von Furstenberg’s collection transitioned easily from spring to fall.  Continuing with the trend of dramatic headpieces, she went from floral headbands last season to pop-pom covered knit hats.  Though black was seen throughout her collection as well as the collections of many others, this collection was filled with layering and vivid leopard print pieces…


There were a few sequin-laden pieces as well paired with cardigans and bold knit coats.And some looks weren’t complete without a bright colored clutch.


Leggings and long, tribal necklaces added a pop of color to the gray and darker hues of the collection.


Some of the pieces reflected the importance of comfort and glam, especially because of the Studio 54 kind of vibe I got from a few of the looks. The collection and music paid homage to the disco-era diva herself, Diana Ross, who was actually there, and gave Diane a hug at the end of the show! For more of the collection, click here.
I loved the collection!
How do you all feel about it?

One thought on “Show Review: Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2009 collection”

  1. loved the grays. hated toe poofy and velvet pieces that look like throwbacks to the 90s. And I must say i’m tired of this “tribal” theme in fashion. I think the best tribal stuff is from the actual tribes, not replicas.

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