The vastness and beauty of Africa should be the exact things that inspire all fashion designers everywhere, but with cultural appropriation rampant in the fashion industry, sometimes I wonder if being influenced by the continent and all it has to offer does more harm than good. Thus, I had an initial cringe upon hearing that 3.1 Phillip Lim was inspired by photographer Jackie Nickerson’s photographs of Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe. Luckily for us all, his designs were beautifully and tastefully done—not a complete surprise, but one never knows—with riffs on traditional Maasai plaids. There could absolutely still be a bone to pick as these tribeswomen and men won’t profit off of Lim’s designs, but this was at least done with the right intention in mind…if that even still counts for anything.

Leather and PVC played against cozy knits for the ultimate Fall mash-up—capturing what sartorial-loving ladies will actually be wearing when this assortment hits stores.

Other pieces channeled that easy, breezy mindset of resort in pristine all-white, classic khaki, tie tops for the utmost versatility while on vacation, and high-fashion spins on the timeless track suit.

Accessories continued that tribal-inspired vibe with oversized drop earrings in bold hues and rope-accented sandals.

Glossy jackets tied around the waists of several looks felt incredibly modern, functional, and how actual fashion-minded people might actually wear them based on the temperature changes during Fall—but they often detracted from the rest of the ensembles, becoming the main focal points.

I’m most interested in actually purchasing the brand’s signature paperbag trousers done in patent leather, shiny statement-making jackets in the same texture, and the assemblage’s array of wearable crossbody leather bags.

And though Lim’s pieces aren’t often red carpet ready go-tos, celebs will definitely gravitate toward a ruched, cross-front crop top, a knot-accented piece that will look perfect with everything from high-waisted denim to pencil skirts, a trench-inspired dress that could double as a vest, and a super cool plaid suit.

What do you think of Lim’s Resort offerings?