Layle (just like Gail with an L) Gregory launched on June 15th 2020, amidst Covid 19.  However for Layle (like so many others), launching a business or really pursuing the journey of being an entrepreneur started way before Covid 19.

As the owner of a Property Management/Commercial Cleaning Company, a vending business and now an online store she understands hard work and ESPECIALLY understands being busy.  Launching Shop Fashion was an opportunity to dress women who are similarly extremely busy, have active lifestyles, and love every bit of their lives.  

There is something empowering about getting her child(ren) ready for school (even online school), working out, updating her website, having an meeting with her assistant, checking in with clients (staff or co-workers), working on her business, running errands and occasionally meeting up with friends for brunch or drinks and maybe going out on a date or two.  What’s even more empowering is wearing a Great Shoe and Amazing Outfit while doing so many things every day.  

This is what Shop Fashion and Style is all about, dressing the busy woman in a beautiful and stylish way for everything she does and everywhere she wants to be or needs to be.

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