While we’ve been hanging on Beyoncé’s every style-centric Instagram post, the Peabody Award winner has been waiting for the perfect moment to give us a behind-the-scenes look at Lemonade. And that time has arrived, as Mrs. Knowles-Carter has just released The Collector’s Edition How to Make Lemonade Box Set:

The comprehensive, 600-page book satisfies all of our desires as members of the Beyhive—outtakes, exclusive imagery, vintage family photos, and Queen Bey’s inspiration.

The book also goes in-depth about the influence behind the project’s fashion looks. For instance—the link between Louisiana’s infamous Tignon Laws that curbed the sartorial choices of Creole women in the state and a headwrap Beyoncé wore.

Get The Collector’s Edition How to Make Lemonade Box Set for $300 here.

Will you be buying the box set?

Spied @ Vogue