If beauty is all about pain, then fashion is all about debt. The world’s most exclusive luxury brands can cost thousands of dollars—all before quickly falling out of style by the next season. For this reason, many fashion-forward women also become collectors, showcasing their Louboutin shoes and Birkin bags on backlit shelves. 

For those who don’t have bottomless pockets, landing the next flawless look might take time, effort, and a bit of scheming. After all, anywhere can be a runway today. Just take casinos as an example. In the last hundred years, they’ve gone from high-class clubs with red velvet curtains to online platforms where players can’t see one another.

Games like slots, roulette, and blackjack can be found easily via offers like the 888 casino promo code… but what about all the red carpet looks once worn on the casino floor? Just as these games can now be played anywhere, high fashion looks are also more mobile—it’s about street fashion, clubbing looks, professional power suits, and much more.

But how can women put together extravagant looks without overspending? Try out one of the tips below.

Switch Brand Names for Indie Designers

There’s something about a brand name that changes a piece—and that’s because designers curate and build their lines with a specific emotion, theme, or purpose in mind. It’s not just a shirt, but also a story. If you can’t seem to let go of that designer magic, then consider pivoting toward up-and-coming designers. 

Fashion students looking to make their name launch niche boutiques before jumping into the big leagues. Always keep a lookout for these amateur designers, as their lines are often much more accessible than blue-blood names.

Keep Your Thrifting Secrets

Finding a good thrift store might be harder than finding a quality boyfriend. Regardless of how you find a thrift store that has quality brands at a reasonable price, stay tight-lipped. There’s nothing worse than a hidden gem suddenly being touted as the ‘best thrift in town’ by a popular publication.

If you know where to thrift, then keep your secret—and maybe consider asking management if they recommend any other stores or online shops.

Borrowing: Professionally & Personally

Women who find themselves appearing in friends’ weddings and other formal events have recently discovered the beauty of renting formalwear. Websites and apps of all stripes now let you borrow a luxury brand piece—and some might even let you virtually try on an outfit thanks to AR technology.

It’s always a good idea to rely on these types of services, especially for black-tie events where the hosts and guests will recognize a Tom Ford, Valentino, or Givenchy look. However, don’t forget about borrowing from friends—they’re often an underutilized resource.

Follow Fashion Accounts for Inspiration

Vogue might be one of the biggest fashion publications in the world, but their recommendations can be pricey. If you’re on the hunt for new fashion inspiration, stick to a social media site. Not only do top fashion accounts post the latest trends in various industries, but they might also have a few tips and tricks to share with you.

In fact, one of the latest trends to hit the fashion field is DIY hacks. These accounts help followers repurpose their old looks, along with passing along helpful rejuvenation and repair tips. If you have a piece you just can’t let go of, follow a fashion account to see what others might do in your position.

Find a Secret Hiding Spot

Sometimes, it feels wrong to toss out a favorite piece. Even if you admit that you haven’t worn it for years, and wouldn’t be likely to wear it in the near future, some pieces feel too important and nostalgic. In these cases, you don’t need to toss out that off-shoulder sundress or those super low-rise jeans. 

After all, fashion is cyclical, and some looks are simply timeless. If you’ve already invested in a look and can’t quite let go of it, then consider placing it in storage. Maybe after a year or two out of sight (in a proper storage area), you’ll find yourself excited about the piece again—and then you’ll have a new look for free… all over again.