So I was riding home on the 2 train, and couldn’t help but notice the amazing shoes of a lovely woman sitting across from me.

I was too much of a chicken to ask to snap a pic of her during the ride, but figured that if we got off at the same stop, it was a sign that she was destined to be on ‘The Fashion Bomb.’

When she hopped off at my stop, I asked to snap her pic, and she was sweet enough to say yes! She paused in the station and thus seized her ‘fashion bomb’ destiny.

Here’s a side view of her boots:


Here’s how she rocked them with her outfit:

Her cream boots were the exclamation point to her mostly black outfit. I loved how she paired the boots with black opaque tights, and how her black and cream polka dot top ties everything in. Her charcoal trench belted at the waist also gave her a nice silhouette. In short, she looked adorable!

I asked where she bought her boots and unfortunately she didn’t remember. Hmh. Well, I did a quick search online and found a few contenders if you’re interested in the look.

These $220 boots by Dolce Vita were at Shopbop:

I found these $135 boots at

Along with these overpriced Juicy Couture’s :

I find that cream/winter white is just as versatile as your go-with-everything black. Be daring and pair cream boots with a short wool dress, weekend skinny jeans, or a skirt with tights. You can almost never go wrong.

Word of warning to my New Yorkers: Cream gets dirty easily! Keep some neutral polish and a toothbrush in your shoe care arsenal for errant splashes and dirt.

PS Stay tuned for more views and reviews during Shoe Week on the Fashion Bomb!


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