I liken my feet to Naomi Campbell, in that they’re ornery, supremely demanding, and the first to bring the literal and figurative pain if you do anything it dislikes.


My feet don’t get along with most shoes. They throb plaintatively with anything too tight, and I can barely get through a full day with pumps on. It doesn’t help that my left foot is adorned with a gumball sized bunion I’ve nicknamed “Bunita,” which throws the equivalent of a jeweled encrusted blackberry to my leg if I ever try to get too cute.

I did a little research on foot pain and found that high heels only exacerbate foot problems. Also, Dr. Martin Ellman, quoted in a story I found on the Mayo Clinic website, said that heels should only be worn on special occasions ( a night out, special occasions, etc).

With the weather getting cool (and Ugg boots becoming a fashion faux pas), I’m thinking that sleek sophisticated flat boots might be the way to go.

Nicole Richie had some cute ones on in this pic:

And these ladies found the style cute enough to rock on the red carpet:

I decided to do a little search online for cute styles.

I love this Sunny Plain Mid Shaft boot by Frye:

And the short version is very cute as well:

These mustard colored flats from Anthropologie are a little out there, but I think the proper person could rock ’em well

These Nike G Series Cole Haan’s (that are SO on my Xmas wish list) are dressy enough to wear with a skirt:

As are these $80 gems by Gabriella Rocha:

Get ’em at www.zappos.com

Comfortable yet chic.



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