So thanks for all your comments yesterday! It seems a lot of y’all are nostalgic for the pink. The site is only half done believe it or not (notice, no sidebars), so perhaps I can negotiate a lil something something for ya. I’ll keep ya posted!
So this week is a celebration of all things Fashion Bomb, and today I decided to shine a spotlight on Style Files.
I read a lot of the mainstream mags, and notice that not enough are out there celebrating the true beauty and style of women of color. So I decided…why not me?
I’ve covered everyone from reality show vixen Eva the Diva…

Eva Marcille

…to voluptuous lady Queen Latifah…

…Socialites like Genevieve Jones…

…to media mavens like Star Jones…

..and in the next year I plan to cover a few style icons and chic chicks that you may not have heard of.
If you remember, my very first style file, dated January 19th, featured Kelis.
An excerpt:
Most celebs have great clothes with the help of oodles of money and stylists…But few are courageous enough to be bold and assert their individuality quite like Kelis.

Kelis hasn’t always had ‘great’ style per se….there were those days when her hair and clothes were a bit ‘wild’…

But we’ll forgive her!
She has evolved into a certified fashion trend setter through the use of her signature haircut…

Accessories, like sunglasses…

and bright, Vibrant Colors…

It’s always refreshing to see someone out there with a style all their own. As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion Passes, Style Remains.”
Since Kelis, I’ve profiled a lot of hot stars…

Create Your Own
…but there’s still more to come. Who would you like to see?
Fashion News, and What nots:
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*WWD reported yesterday that days after Russell Simmons stepped from Phat Fashions, Kimora Lee stepped up as creative director! The chairman of Kellwood, who owns Phat Fashions said, “Kimora’s ability to create the Baby Phat brand universe from a simple T-shirt on the runway over 10 years ago and turn it into a multi million dollar global business today-is truly an amazing feat in today’s mecurial fashion world.” Yay Kimora! Um, I don’t think I get the Style Channel…how’s her show???
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