On top of shopping at affordable J.Crew, Michelle Obama shows she’s recession friendly, repeating a Moschino Bow Top she wore while in Europe again today for the White House Bring Your Children to Work Day:


In response to the question, “Would you Wear the Same Thing Twice? Michelle answers “Yes!” but does it right by switching things up and adding a new Junya Watanabe cardigan:


What do you think?

Photo via Reuters

9 thoughts on “She Keeps it Real: Michelle Obama Repeats Moschino Bow Top”

  1. I love Michelle Obama, but this outfit has way too much going on. But she has admitted to loving to put a belt on whenever possible…

  2. I agree with T about the belt…it’s gotta go! But overall I love Michelle b/c she isn’t in those ugly stuffy suits that old first ladies used to wear

  3. Can I just say this? A stylist wouldn’t hurt. I’m already bored.
    She’s had many hits, but this outfit is a miss.
    Now I know we weren’t analyzing Laura Bush like we are Michelle.
    But this outfit is deja vu in a bad way.
    Where is the White House stylist?
    Not to say she would wear Arnold Scasi, de la Renta, or Wang. But someone pull some clothes for her!

  4. I’m sorry but people need to make sense out of nonsense in other words dont throw the baby out with the bathwater. Although Scasi point wasn’t completely appropriate he is right about her dressing to protocol. there are few positions of dignity left and she needs to dress to protocol to certain events. its part of the role and that is what she signed up for. All these belts and cardigans look a hot mess. I have better things to worry about than what Michelle is wearing but since this seems to be a weekly and sometimes daily feature I decided to comment.

  5. As First Lady, she gets to establish protocol–it’s a new era, and if there’s one thing that’s proven by her husband’s presidency is that all of these old rules need to be challenged–that includes what she wears. She’s not dressing to entertain us, however desperate we are to watch her every move. Besides, the woman ain’t wearing coochie cutters and halter tops to greet dignitaries, she’s just wearing what–reasonably affordable garments? Belts? Cardigans? Mid-heeled shoes? And while not to everyone’s tastes, are these items really inappropriate?

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