The YBF reports that Real Atlanta Housewife Sheree Whitfield will be showing her She by Sheree Collection at New York Fashion Week:

She by Sheree New York Fashion Week.jpg

Last season rumors swirled that Sheree would be in the tents, but the only Real Housewife I saw was Dwight!


Apparently Sheree’s show will take place on September 13th at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Wooord? Might have to check that on out!
What do you think bombshells? Does this move make Sheree a legitimate designer?

*Get a little background on New York Fashion Week and rumors surrouding Sheree’s show with this vintage Fashion Bomb Post, “Have the Tents Lost their Luster?”
*[Update] Just received this press release, “Fashion Week, Sheree announces she will be debuting her newest ” Sexy Chic” inspired collection during New York’s famed fashion week in September. The collection will be the designers second collection but first showing in NYC to date. “I am extremely excited about the new collection. I drew my inspiration from many aspects of fashion and architecture. I’m elated for the fashion industry to take a look at what has been created for the Spring 2010 season. The previewing is going to be my first showing in the fashion CAPITAL! I absolutely love this collection and it’s any fashion conscious woman’s dream: colorful, form fitting, powerful and DEFINITELY international,” said Sheree. The show is going down September 13th at 10am! I’ll be recovering from a good friend’s wedding, but will do my best to be in attendance.

11 thoughts on “She by Sheree Showing at New York Fashion Week?”

  1. I meant to say: “Celebs” have already ruined fashion mag covers; Sheree’s line being shown at Fashion Week will push me WAY over the edge.

    See–the idea of Sheree’s “fashion line” being shown has already affected my typing!

  2. It means that in a recesh anything is better than nothing. I refuse to think about it anymore. Maybe if Dwight had a line I’d be more enthused.

  3. These two? Experts? At wwhat being tacky? One is a flaming ego-maniac, the other is just a flamer. Since when does fashion become established in Atlanta? Good luck to the tool, when she gets to NY she’ll realize she’s bad at this too. Stick to chasing married men or football players honey, you’re pegged!

    To snookems, stick to hosting tacky parties that flaunt nothing but YOU and YOU and more of YOU. Good lord, are they both so blind to realize how phoney they are?

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