You ask, we answer @fashionbombmen ! @figi.rated writes, “Good morning! Can you please share details on Shannon’s sweater? Thank you so much! – Fiona” @martyt1105 adds, “Can we get the details for Shannon Sharpe’s sweater from last night Lakers game.” Shannon Sharpe got heated at last night ‘s Lakers vs Grizzlies game in a $3,125 Greg Lauren patchwork cardigan.

Credit: ESPN

His chunky cotton cardigan has a patchwork design.

Get yours at and see it in motion below:

Now, if you’re wondering what the fuss was about, Fashion Bomb Daily’s resident basketball expert gives us the 411. He says, LeBron James is close to surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jamar’s all time scoring record. Shannon Sharpe (popular Sports TV anchor and Hall of Famer) came to last night’s Grizzlies vs. Lakers game to support Lebron. Unfortunately Dillon Brooks of the Memphis Grizzlies was giving Lebron a run for his money; he’s known for being the Grizzlie’s best defender, and has been one of their secret weapons to winning 11 straight games. Dillon Brooks was guarding LeBron James, and talking trash. First, Shannon got into a heated exchange with Dillon Brooks from his high priced courtside seat; then Dillon’s teammate, Steven Adams (long hair) stepped in. As Sharpe was getting escorted out, basketball parent, enthusiast, and alleged trash talker, Tee Morant (father to Ja Morant) jumped into the argument. Tee Morant (sunglasses) said something that made Shannon respond, “I bet you won’t!””

And Scene.

Footage courtesy of ESPN