Shannade Clermont of the Clermont Twins was recently arrested in New York on charges of stealing a dead man’s identity.

According to the Washington Post, “The 24-year-old was arrested after allegedly stealing a dead man’s debit card information after meeting him for a $400 “prostitution date” and racking up tens of thousands in fraudulent charges, according to a complaint filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.”

Though the Clermont Twins first blipped onto the National Radar when they appeared on the Bad Girls Club, Fashion Bomb Daily first met them in Manhattan on 5th avenue, as the girls were making their shopping rounds.

Over the years we’ve seen them flourish, going from fashion loving girls to video vixens and models for LaQuan Smith, Yeezy, and more.

Shannade was released on $100,000 bail following her arrest, according to the Associated Press.