A pair of shades can upgrade any look, and can even let you hide tired eyes when you don’t have time to conceal them with makeup. They also do more than just make you look confident as the right pair of shades will help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, and help keep the skin around the eyes healthy.


Here are some reasons why sunglasses are important, along with some things to consider the next time you’re looking to refresh your look and buy new sunglasses.


UV Protection

Not wearing sunglasses or donning a pair that does not provide adequate UV protection can put you at risk of several eye diseases like cataract, Macular Degeneration, and Photokeratitis. UV radiation can pass through cloud cover and cause damage to the lens and cornea on the eyes, which is why it is important to wear a pair of shades that absorb most HEV rays and provide maximum eye protection by blocking 100 percent of UV-A and UV-B rays. Even short-term exposure to UV rays can cause eye irritation, light sensitivity, and eye pain. Sunglasses, as ubiquitous as they seem, are the one of the best options to protect the delicate skin around the eyes from UV rays, so you reduce your risk of developing age spots and wrinkles later in life.


UV protection is even more important for kids, as they spend more time outdoors and are more susceptible to retinal damage. Children’s ocular lens is less capable of filtering out UV rays, enabling more radiation to reach deep into the eye. These factors make it crucial for kids to wear shades that block UV rays and absorb HEV rays.


Protection from glare

To see clearly even in the presence of bright light, wear polarized sunglasses that block reflected light for superior glare protection. Glare is the reduction in visibility that is caused by a negative sensation in the visual field such as reflected or direct sunlight, and even artificial light like households lamps and car headlamps at night.


Glare protection becomes even more important when you are driving on a sunny day, as there are bright reflections on the road that can interfere with your sight and impair your visibility. Sun glare can be dangerous as you are unable to see oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, and traffic control devices. So the next time you are on the road, make sure to wear a pair of shades that will let you see images clearly without distorting color. You can choose between yellow glasses which sharpens images, or brown lenses which effectively reduce glare and blue light.


Protection from strong winds and dust

If you like driving with your windows down, then you probably get distracted by dust and dry winds as you speed up along the highway. Your eyes can also get buffeted by debris and wind blasts when you are cycling outdoors. To keep the wind out while cycling, you want to wear wraparound sunglasses with protective gaskets that block pollution and dust from entering your eyes. With several choices for protective goggles, you will definitely find a pair that is secure and comfortable, and will enhance your vision in various light conditions.

So how do you pick the right pair of sunglasses?

By now, you already know that shades are your best protection against glare, harmful UV rays, and even dirt and pollution. The next step is choosing the right pair that will provide maximum protection for your eyes and for the skin surrounding this area. Here, we outline a few pointers to help you choose among several sunglass styles:


  • Consider your lifestyle and the type of activities you enjoy doing on a regular basis. If you love spending time outdoors, you will benefit from shades that block 99 to 100 percent of harmful UV rays, and a frame with a larger surface area that will shield your eyes from UV rays coming from all sides.  On the other hand, a basic pair of sunglasses with high UV protection may be sufficient when you are embarking on simple errands such as taking your mail to the post office or paying bills.



  • Consider different lens options


Again, your choice of sunglass will depend on your unique lifestyle. Polarized lens may be the best option for you if you have a long commute every day as this type of lens effectively reduces glare, allowing you to see clearly on a bright day. Wearing polarized lenses when driving in the rain is also advisable as it helps enhance your visual acuity through the scattering effect of the rain.



  • Choose from a wide selection of frames


Sunglasses are stylish accessories that can complete a look, so in addition to the pointers above, you may also want to look for a pair that will complement your personal style. If you are unsure of which frame style to choose for your face shape, ask a glasses specialist to assist you in narrowing down your options and picking the perfect pair that will enhance your facial features.