Pumpsicle had the following preview of Sex and the City 2:

As to be expected, the ‘fashions’ are amazing…the plot? Meh. I guess we’ll see, won’t we?
What do you think? Are you excited?


6 thoughts on “Video: Sex and the City 2 Trailer”

  1. I’m sorry but not everything Carrie wears is cute. That purple skirt and graphic tee. ehh. Maybe I’m just not fashionable enough.

  2. I agree, not everything Carrie wears is cute. But she is fly 95% of the time. The movie looks like it will be ok, but right now I think I still think I will wait for the DVD. It’s too bad SJP’s current movie flopped.

  3. Yeah, the fashion in this movie is definitely rockin’ but I can’t even tell what the plot of the sequel is… (???)

  4. Fashion looks hot, but, there is clearly no plot! And what’s with the preview being all about SJP?! She’s the narrator but IMO not the best actress or the most interesting character. I’ll see it for free or on DVD.

  5. as long as this movie isn’t the vapid conspicious consumption materialism fest that the first satc film was then i might like it. i couldn’t believe how different the movie was from the original show. the show had more heart and it was more realistic. the movie was like a walking fashion show with contrived and ridiculous plots.

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