It is not uncommon for players to calculate points in gambling games or to make mathematical predictions as part of a winning strategy. Of course, there are also such games in which you can win relying only on luck. But the main classic games in the best casinos online canada require at least a minimum knowledge of arithmetic. Most often, the player needs to determine the correct combination that will guarantee success. In addition, most casino games also require keeping scores between games. 

In such cases, both basic arithmetic and mathematics are involved. Players should be aware that the ability to keep track of cards and count probabilities is essential for earning money in an online casino. In this article, we will talk about a few gambling games where players with mathematical skills can easily get consistent winnings. 

Math and Game Selection

As a general rule, casinos aim to take advantage of every bet offered. On the contrary, players need to do everything to beat the advantage of the gambling house in every possible way. For this, a number of important decisions need to be made first.

Choosing the best gaming option requires knowledge of mathematical theory. It involves not only basic skills in calculating profits, the player needs to correctly allocate his finances throughout the game to get the maximum return. Gamblers with a knowledge of probability theory will find it easier to detect the right moments to transform the situation to their advantage. 

Thus, having at least a basic knowledge of mathematics will help to find a suitable game and play more profitable. Moreover, it’s worth remembering that deep knowledge of the rules alone cannot help you become a successful player unless you understand the theory of probability and can calculate the odds correctly.

Best games for players with math skills

1. Blackjack

This game can be called the most popular card game in the world. The rules of Blackjack are simple: players need to score exactly 21 points by using cards of a certain value. The price of cards in Blackjack does not change, the result depends both on chance, and on the skill of the players. Bets are made at the beginning of the game, the main goal — to defeat the dealer. 

Simple rules and relatively simple calculations can help gamblers easily win some real money. For example, by looking at the cards the player can calculate what is left in the deck, and predict a winning strategy. However, most casinos are fighting against card counting and forbid such actions in real casinos. But in online casinos players can take advantage of such tricks.

2. Poker

Poker is one of the most popular games of chance among gamblers. It is always considered the most intelligent game as it requires not only the knowledge of complicated rules, but also the ability to count cards, make predictions, and create individual gambling strategies. Almost all results in poker depend on the skills of a player. In order to take part in this card game, the gambler must be able to make mathematical calculations and analyze the situation. 

Gamblers play against other players, place bets, and decide if they want to continue the session or not. At each poker phase, it is possible to leave the process without making a new bet. The winner is a player that collected the highest card combination.

Apart from mathematics, the best poker player tool is a bluff: the ability to repeatedly make bets even with the weak combination on the hands, enticing opponents to finish the game. 

3. Baccara

This old-fashioned card game, which originated back in the 15th century was the entertainment of aristocrats. Its rules in some way remind the principle of blackjack: players get into their hands two cards and are required to score nine points. For this, they can take another card (or decide not to do it). 

Modern online casinos provide an opportunity to play mini-baccarat (against the casino). There are several types of this game with different rules. As in poker and blackjack here is important to correctly calculate probabilities of getting winning cards, as well as keep in mind the frequency of certain cards occurrence. If the player knows the simple rules of card counting then winning in this game will not be that complicated.     

Card Games VS Slots

Fans of slots can be disappointed after not seeing their favorite game on our list. Still, luck is more important than the math in slots. Of course, there are many strategies and betting systems for this kind of gambling, but they mainly help to manage the bankroll, rather than increase the chances of winning. Slot machines are based on the random number generator. That is why it is impossible to cheat or calculate its algorithm. 

However, there is a so-called percentage of return to the player, which can help to see the effectiveness of each slot machine. Slots suit novice players who do not want to go into complex rules and mathematical strategies of card games. Here everything is determined by pressing a few buttons and the player’s luck.   

On the other hand, card games are the best opportunity for people with mathematical ability to beat the casino. Of course, luck at poker and blackjack also play an important role. But it’s the knowledge of the rules, the ability to count cards, and to understand the probabilities of certain outcomes that determine the result. Even though it is much harder to play card games, their popularity is constantly growing.  


Card games significantly differ from other online casino entertainments. Here mathematics plays the main role in determining the winning strategy. If gamblers are aware of how to calculate the probability of random events, then they will definitely get a reward sooner or later. 

In this article, we have looked at just a few games where knowledge of arithmetic can really help players beat the dealer. Of course, there are many more casino games that will perfectly suit people with math skills. But players should be really careful and stick to the rules of responsible gambling. There is no need to make emotional bets, it is better to plan your budget and enjoy the game safely.