Cocktails with Claire x Ty Hunter in New York was a success (check out the full recap here)! Amongst all of the glorified looks, we spotted several stylish ones that stole the show for the night, and we even got the scoop on their unique style and more.


Check out their looks and interviews below!


Carina aka @goldofthesun from LA exuded floral essence chic within her look of in blue and green hues. It’s so urban, yet elegant. Love it!

What was your inspiration for this look?

“My inspiration for this look is just to connect with my heritage, my Asian heritage…and push it being more avant-garde and also tom-boy chic, but push it to another level.”


Patrick aka @monsieurbelange  from Lagos, Nigeria looked rich and dapper in bronze and wool fabric for his look for the night!

Is this your first time attending Cocktails with Claire x Ty Hunter?

“This is my first time attending Cocktails With Claire. Claire has been an inspiration for years. Ty Hunter is everything he represents…He inspires me to be more than I am and I see it in everyone here. When we come together it’s like so much more power. It’s like super glam, it’s like a culture of fashion. The White people already run the industry, but it’s time for us to step up also and build up who we are, and what we are.”

What’s was your inspiration for this look?

“The inspiration is literally the sun, and my signature color palette which is brown and cotton wool. It’s more so about the texture.”

That Hillary Banks swag! I caught up with Adriene aka @_kissmybeauty from District Heights, MD. She looked fierce and sophisticated in a Laquan Smith Spring/Summer 2018 inspired look.

What’s your everyday style? And why do you believe your style is the bomb?

“I don’t really like trendy looks but I like to compare my style to Carrie Bradshaw. I feel in that show, she genuinely showed that she’s very versatile but also very diverse…she’s very spontaneous, which is why I did the pop of color with my bag. I like to do stuff that makes people turn their head a little bit.”


@Qayseanroe looked fab in a black monochrome fit. To complete the look he added a touch of slay within his layered multicolored fur coat.

What was your inspiration for your look?

“The inspiration was the grind. I’m a designer with a disability so I only use one arm when I sew, so you know…that alone amazes me every day. Coming to Cocktails with Claire, I’m like I have to outdo myself and creating a fur coat was something that I rarely ever done before…and to basically wear fur because it’s cold as hell out here! These are my shocking colors. Like I love shocking pink, I love royal blue and black is my favorite color. I just wanted to kind of you know, make a statement.”


Go off! I talked with Anita of @blvckgenesblvckjeans from Vancouver, BC looked trendy, minimal and chic.

What are you wearing?

“I’m wearing a kind of distressed top, off-the-shoulder from (@necessaryclothing), my jeans are DIY, my shoes are @simmishoes shoes, an e-commerce company.

What was your inspiration for this look?

“And my inspiration….I was like, listen….I just wanted to wear what I want to wear and express how I’m feeling so today I’m feeling good, I’m feeling sexy, I’m feeling fun, so I just put something random together to kind of express how I was feeling. The shoes I would say were inspired by Rihanna I did see her wear a similar pair that connected to a belt. I identified myself with it so why not rock it too?!”


Davon aka @authentic_personality from Connecticut aimed for a black and white modern look, and he nailed it!

What are you wearing?

“I am wearing an @off___white belt, but what I did was I created and I saw this white jacket (when I was sleeping) that I wanted to create. I am horrible at sewing! But I have a good friend back at home @amorettedesigns. I said ‘Amorette, I need you to create this for me!’”

What was your inspiration for this look?

“I love the fall; I love the winter. As soon as it got cold I was like I need something dope, something that’s going to stand out and plus you know what they always say, ‘that you can’t wear white after labor day,’ but I’m showing them how to slay after labor day! 

Oui, Oui! Shantell aka @shantedion  from Boston, MA opted for a Parisian inspired look and killed it! The stripes in the fit are everything!

What’s your inspiration for your look?

“Well, I’ve been just so french inspired for some reason it’s just like Fall is in Paris right now so I just want to bring it to the states.”

Describe your everyday style.

“My personal style is I buy pieces, not by outfits. I definitely like to just play with style, play with color, play with texture…play with kind of how the material looks on me and if I like it I’m just going to rock it!”

WERK! I ran into Shanda (right) aka @gigichroniclesnyc  from New Jersey who looked glam drenched in a full burnt orange ensemble!

What makes your style so bomb!?

“It’s bomb because it’s all about me! I’m a Libra and I am super…you know, crazy about fashion. I gravitate towards things that are very luxe, things that are going to stand out, one-of-a-kind pieces. And it’s just a certain energy involved with having things that are very unique.”


Wow! What a night! So many stylish views, but we’re just glad we got to meet these Bombshells and Bombers!


What do you think?


Images by: @marta_mcadams@rolandstoned, @jaygogetit_