We’re back with more real style from the busy streets of New York Fashion Week! Day 3 was just as busy with shows and events as the other days. We captured and interviewed some bombshells and bombers as they attended the shows at Skylight Clarkson. See who we spied yesterday!

Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles! Blogger, @thenotoriouskia played with colors and completed her look with her red lip, bag, and shoes!

What makes your Fashion Bomb? 

I’m a Fashion Bomb because I’m bold and unapologetically me. I empower women to embrace who they naturally are.

What do you spend the most on when you go shopping? 

Shoes! They can make or break an outfit and often times they bring together your whole look. Take care of your feet and invest in good shoes!


We’ve been seeing these pants all Summer long! But, doesn’t @neonhue_ wear them so chic with her button-down and sunnies?!

Where are you on your way to?

Right now I just left the Son Jung Wang show and I’m on my way to celebrate my friends birthday. I just attended a few shows during the day. 

What style advice would you give to your younger self?

Definitely start playing with different styles and incorporate them into different outfits. In this case these retro sports pants and this 70’s top. Play around with different eras and incorporate them into one outfit. 

We can’t get enough of Gucci this year! It’s almost impossible to go a day during Fashion Week without seeing this Gucci t-shirt. Bomber, @spag_lo  added his personal style to his street style look.

What makes your Fashion Bomb?

I like to be comfortable. That’s my main thing. Very simple with the colors very uniform. Just a few accessories. Lots of scarves, sunglasses, and classic sneakers that have a certain detail to them. I could be very contemporary and I’ll add a sportswear shoe to make it balance. 

Who’s your celeb style inspiration?

Pharrell, he’s upscale and street at the same time. 

Sometimes less is more as blogger @avielleamor shows us. She also serves the perfect amount of sexy with her sheer top and adds the perfect edge with her leather jacket.

What do you love about fashion week? What do you hate?

I love the anticipation for new trends and seeing/meeting new friends. But, I dread the commute between shows and trying to make it on time.

What are 5 words to describe your style?

My style is comfortable, sleek, tomboyish, simple, yet a little risky

One word! Dapper! @Thesivu attended shows in this sharp ensemble. I love the olive and brown together!

Describe your style in 5 words. 

Sartorial. Gentleman. African. Unique. Proverbial. 

How is your first New York Fashion Week going being that you’re from South Africa? 

What I realize is that the real fashion is on the street; people come all the way through. 




Fashion week with bae?! How cute! @image_ambassador and @jasmine_sway complemented each other so well with their timeless looks.

What is it like attending fashion week with as a couple? 

We planned this trip about a month ago. We’re both stylist and designers and wanted to experience this together. We both work in menswear but thought it would be great to attend together. We like being around like-minded individuals in design, it’s a breathe of fresh air. She’s from Toronto, I’m from Dallas and fashion is just not major there- men or women. So to be in a city where everything is predominantly fashion, it’s ridiculous! Like a kid in a candy store. 

Describe your style in 5 words. 

Dapper. Debonair. Classic. Timeless. Innovative. -@image_ambassador

Whimsical Black Beauty. Innovative. Influencer. I’m the female version of him.


This photographer had the lens turned on him! @trevor_stuurman attended his first New York Fashion Week the best way he knew— celebrating his culture through his style!

What show are you most excited for? 

Probably Oscar De La Renta because it’s Oscar! It’s that show! 

Do you prefer New York Fashion Week or London Fashion Week? 

The two are like chalk and cheese. They’re very different. The seasons are different. When I was at London Fashion Week it was winter, now I’m here and it’s Fall, so that makes the experience more different. I rather New York Fashion Week. 

If you didn’t know, sneakers are definitely in for Fashion Week! Comfortable and chic? Win, win! Blogger, @MyFashionBreak wore her version of casual as she attended some events.

What makes your Fashion Bomb? 

What makes my Fashion Bomb is that it’s more street than anything, but I’m also very girly. I like unique details and cute items. I like sheer, lace and pink. I’m also obsessed with lingerie and love to rock bras with my streetwear outfits.

What do you spend the most on when shopping? 

I spend all my money on lingerie. I’m always looking for new styles. I like to go to shrift shops for the lovely prints they have. 

All-white during Fashion Week because we do know that’s allowed after Labor Day right?! @skyconner posed in her version of “Claire Huxtable x Marilyn Monroe.

Who is your celebrity style crush? 

I really don’t have a “celebrity” style icon. I like everyday girls with effortless sex appeal like Karla Deras, Aleali May and Ryan Destiny.

Describe your style in 5 words.

Effortless. Sexy. Edgy. Classic. Seamless.


Gal pals, @juliadaoud__ and @allisonwessel attended shows together both channelling their personal style, with stylish sunnies and prints.

What show are you two most excited for?

Julianna Bass. She always has amazing textures and fabrics. She kind of makes her shows more about her clothes than the models. And, in general we love the oversized pieces as a whole we’re seeing in fashion. Kind of menswear for women. 

What do you love about fashion week? What do you hate? 

We love the excitement and just getting everyone together in a general vicinity. The atmosphere and the fashion!!! We’re getting lots of inspiration and ideas. We hate the traffic, it’s awful getting from one place to another. And, your feet hurt. Sure you could wear comfortable shoes, but nah! 


Images by Jennelle Gordon


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