We are now on Day 5 of the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week! Our Editor-In-Chief, Claire Sulmers closed out the weekend with a fun-filled brunch and after party at Caribbean Social in Brooklyn. Bombers and bombshells showed out in their flyest fashion week looks before hitting the shows. There was even a special appearance by Elle Varner, who popped in to hang out!

We caught up with some of our readers about their style and the exciting fashion week shenanigans!

Wardrobe stylist, @kidear came to kick it outfitted in a suede bomber and a matching fedora.

What makes your Fashion Bomb? 

My fashion is bomb because it’s an expression of my personality. It’s classy, but exudes confidence. 

What do you spend the most on when shopping? 

I spend the most on accessories. I love a nasty label on my feet [laughs], paired with a sick bag and some chic jewelry. 

Come through black and white! @ourcloset1119 kept it casual and cute in a black and white ensemble featuring a mini Louis Vuitton bag.

Who is your celebrity style inspiration? 

At this moment I will go with Cardi B. I love the fact that she can wear high and low fashion and make it effortlessly look great. 

What are 5 words to describe your style?

Edgy, Trendy, Bold, Modern, and Simple

For her rainy day style, @mariedriven stopped by to sip and brunch in a vintage coat, denim and a camouflage hat. Cute!

What do you love about fashion week? What do you hate? 

What I love about fashion week is you never know what to expect. People get really creative in adding their own spin to fashion. What I hate about fashion week is that the shows are not what they used to be. I feel like fashion week has been watered down. 

What show are you most excited for? 

I’m excited for the VFiles show–they’re a creative bunch! 

The outerwear was on fire at the soirée! Bombshell, @fetchxlysh was clad in a trench coat and accessorized with a statement ‘Go For It’ scarf and pink bag.

What makes your style bomb?

What makes my style is that I don’t put myself in a box! I love doing the most with colors, prints and textures. Even my “dress down” looks are extra! I’m a lively, personable individual and it shows in my style. 

What’s your favorite part of Fashion Week?

My favorite part about fashion week has been the people and seeing everyone show their personality through their looks and just owning it in full confidence. Also the networking that is done has been fabulous and refreshing!

We loved catching up with readers over the weekend! Stay tuned to more street style and interviews as fashion week winds down this week.

Be sure to catch our Editor-In-Chief at Conversations with Claire next month!

Which bomber or bombshell had your favorite look?

Photos by Jaelin McGull