12 thoughts on “Scans from Beyonce’s Italian Vogue Spread”

  1. yeah I don’t really like the blond ambition…though she did rock an Afro on the cover of Ebony! I guess she knows her markets and plays them well.

  2. Yea, Bey looks good but as Anonymous said, Bey knows her markets or at least her PR ppl. do. On white mags she’s light bright and has blonde hair on black mags it’s dark hair and darker skin. I’ll never understand.

  3. i’m torn

    let me preface this by saying that the black and white photo is gorgeous and is very on point as far as paying recognition to a certain era. she really looks like an old movie actress during a very dramatic point in a movie or something….very glam and very gorgeous….


    when u see her hair in the color pic, the blonde completey throws off the glamarous appeal. i think she may need more people. a better team or something. because most of the pics, aside from the black and white one, are just not that great….

    and these dresses are horrible. although i know that is not fault of her own…just needed to mention that too.

  4. Dash….she´s too victorian…if you do understend me.They tryed to work with her in the white clear way forgetting that´s not possible cause she´s black…and fun because of it.

  5. This sister is doing her thing and the only thing people can say is “does she know she is African American”. It is just a magazine!! I am sure she knows she is black every time she wash her face in the morning.

  6. I think she is really talented and she looks great, but i sometimes get the feeling that she is just a robot programmed to do and to look like whatever people want her to. i still don’t feel like i can even grasp who she is as a person, other than a workaholic. I mean, even tyra and oprah have personalities. what about bey? not so much.

  7. Tannie Lee…I agree, the BnW is wonderful. The photo is beautifully and captures her gorgeous eyes which you don’t always notice in photos. I also love the seated look because those beautiful fingerwaves aren’t cropped like the prior photo.

    The fashion styling is not so good. For those spouting on about dark/light. Bey actually looks best with lighter, warmer hair colors. The dark browns aren’t so flattering to her coloring.

  8. I Love this woman. I have been following her career since she was a teenager. She is very beautiful and I love how people always find fault in people and there appearence I wanna see pics of the people who always right the nasty notes!!! As far as her trying to be white or look white she is very light skinned and it goes right back to slavery days the lighter you were the more you pass for white give me a break it’s 2009 grow up beautiful is beautiful no matter the skin color. Shes awesome try talking about her talent.

  9. I think she looks beautiful like a black Gene Harlow………people just want black people to stick to so-called “black” styles and get mad when they want to venture out……leave Beyonce alone…..she’s just living her life as an entertainer

  10. so you need on the cover of ebony with an afro to be African American hmmm…. and if you are in a spread for italian vogue with blond hair you froget that you’re African America.

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